July 2009

Keeping track of your PDF papers with Papers

by Jane July 31, 2009

The New York Times (of all places) wrote about the chore of keeping track of all the scientific papers on your desktop:  all those PDF files cryptically named 1998A+A__338_781M.pdf and fulltext.pdf .  Or worse, 0903(4).3037v1, because it’s faster to re-download the PDF each time you need it, than to find it in your download folder. […]


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Hungry for Plots? Get some APLpy!

by Eli July 20, 2009

Today APLpy 0.9.3 is out! It is a Python plotting package made to generate publication-quality plots in multiple formats such as EPS, PDF, PS, PNG, and SVG. APLpy was created by Thomas Robitaille and Eli Bressert, who come from a Fortran and IDL background. With Python’s ease of use, portability, and programming they decided to […]


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Devtools In Chromium

by Eli July 8, 2009

Since the Chromium project started releasing builds of their browser I have been testing it from time to time. The latest build for OS X, 20223, has significant improvements from just a month ago. After using it for a day I found some nifty features and the one that really caught my eye is devtools. […]


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