Joining the AstroBetter team

by Tom on November 23, 2009

I’m very happy to be joining the AstroBetter contributor team! I have been a postdoctoral fellow at the CfA for a little over a year, and I work on studying Galactic star formation, mostly through mid-infrared to mm wavelengths. I work both on modeling multi-wavelength observations of young stars, and on studying the global properties of star formation in the Milky-Way.

I have been a regular reader of this blog since Kelle introduced it to me in May. Some people might call me a mac geek, and as such I often find myself discovering neat tips and tricks on the web that would make our lives easier as astronomers, but not having an efficient way (until now) to share it with other people. I’m also a keen Python programmer, and am one of the co-developers of the APLpy package mentioned earlier this year on this blog.

I look forward to contributing!

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