March 2010

Links: PR for MIRI, Gemini Data Workshop, and Department Culture Impacts Women in Science.

by Kelle March 26, 2010

MIRI crosses the pond (Thoughts on PR) | SarahAskew On the occasion of the engineering test model of the mid-infrared instrument (MIRI) for James Webb Space Telescope arriving at Goddard, a member of the MIRI team discusses the test instrument and its press attention in the US and the lack of it in Europe. Gemini […]


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Mendeley: The future to managing science papers?

by Eli March 22, 2010

This is another guest post by Sarah Kendrew (blog, Twitter) a postdoc in infrared astronomy at Leiden Observatory working on instrumentation for the European Extremely Large Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope. She’s also contributed an article about Evernote. Staying on top of the literature, even in a narrow field, is one of the […]


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Links: Inspiring Presentations, Parallels vs Fusion, PayPal Bumb, and More.

by Kelle March 19, 2010

Keep Your Daily Momentum Going With a 10/15 Split | Lifehacker I always feel more productive, accomplished, and focused when I spend a little time with my to-do list (Things, of course) at the beginning and end of the day. We learn from stories and experience | Presentation Zen “Bullet point slides, for example, rarely […]


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FITS images with catalog overlays

by Jessica Lu March 17, 2010

I have been using ds9 to display images primarily due to inertia. I like the catalog tool for existing catalogs available online; but I wish there were a way to use custom catalog files without RA and Dec (just pixel coordinates) as well. I commonly resort to making ds9 region files, but this requires knowing […]


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Links: Job Prospects, Scanning, and Google Wave.

by Kelle March 12, 2010

This week’s Links post is a little short since I’m on vacation. Report from AAS Employment Session | Women In AstronomyFrom Jessica: Here is a belated but interesting post on the AAS employment session from January’s AAS meeting. The blog post also points to these two additional articles: Does the US Produce Too Many Scientists? […]


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Links: SIMBAD Annotations, IDL 8.0, Mendeley Goes Social, and More.

by Kelle March 5, 2010

Annotations service released | CDS news Add comments to SIMBAD objects! “…not intended to supersede email support via question@simbad, but to improve the contents of SIMBAD contents and the level of interaction between CDS staff and SIMBAD users.” (via August Muench.) Blogging the IDL User's Group Meeting | comp.lang.idl-pvwave Discussion about the new features coming […]


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Fourier Transforms of Images in Python

by Jessica Lu March 3, 2010

There are many applications for taking fourier transforms of images (noise filtering, searching for small structures in diffuse galaxies, etc.). I wanted to point out some of the python capabilities that I have found useful in my particular application, which is to calculate the power spectrum of an image (for later separation of the distribution […]


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