April 2010

Links: Two weeks worth of links covering pretty much everything

by Kelle April 30, 2010

Two weeks worth of links from both myself and Jane Rigby. Mac Apps and iPad XQuartz updated | MacResearch Is it really called X11 in 10.5 but XQuartz in 10.6? Either way, it’s updated to version 2.5. And while we’re on the topic, has anyone gotten their middle-click to work in 10.6? Cause I still […]


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Parallels Between the Catholic Church and Academia: Inappropriate Behavior and Lack of Action by Leadership

by Kelle April 19, 2010

There’s a discussion going on now on AASWomen (the newsletter of the Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy) that is worthy of everyone’s attention. The reason why I think this is important is because so many people know someone who has had to deal with unwanted sexual advances from someone senior to them […]


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Links: How to Get Off the Tenure-Track, Refereeing Tips, Facebook and Rotation Curves, and More.

by Kelle April 16, 2010

The path less travelled | Nature Jobs Advice for those who want to be an active scientist, but necessarily glued onto the tenure track. “..there are ways to stay involved in science and make a living, without working in a full-time academic position. If you combine dedication, ingenuity, frugality and good connections—the same mix needed […]

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Keep iCal and Address Book in Sync Across Multiple Computers: MobileMe vs. Fruux.

by Kelle April 14, 2010

(To those who noticed, apologies for the premature publishing of this post earlier this week.) This is Part 2 of two-part series on keeping multiple computers in sync. Part 1 was about using Dropbox to sync files and applications. For about three months, I used Fruux to keep my iCal and Address Book in sync […]


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Macsingularity archive now hosted at Astrobetter

by Planck April 13, 2010

Thanks to Kelle, despite my leaving astronomy for the glorious world of public policy, and shutting down my web host account, the archives of Macsingularity live on.  We’re not 100% sure what to do with the home page, the IRAF installers (which are out of date), and other things, but for now pretty much all […]


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Talks: Fewer words, more understanding

by Jane April 12, 2010

When a speaker switches to a new, wordy slide, what happens?  The audience reads the words. They can’t help it.  This is what my wife calls the “Cereal Box effect”: if a cereal box is on the kitchen table, you’ll read the words printed on it.  In all of human history, nothing interesting has ever been printed on a […]


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Links: Effective Video Conferences, Battling Perfectionism, and Much More!

by Kelle April 9, 2010

AAS Calendar | American Astronomical Society Now even the AAS has been won over by Google Calendar! It is my, rather strong, opinion that every seminar series should be using Google Calendar. A dedicated blog post on this topic should be coming soon… Battery Breakthrough Promises Lighter Weight, More Power | Wired Playing the Game […]


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Links: Software Development and Call for iPad App Ideas

by Kelle April 2, 2010

BookArc for iPad | Minimal Mac If only the Arc was flexible or foldable for easy packing! Given the choice, I think I’d rather go with the keyboard dock because it accomplishes the same thing with less bits. On Software in Astronomy | SarahAskew Active discussion going on in the comments about how to make […]


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