August 2010

Parallel Processing in Python

by Guest August 9, 2010

Today we have a guest post by Ian Crossfield (UCLA) on parallel computing with python. When analyzing astronomical data, one often finds oneself repeating the same tasks over and over again (e.g. fitting a model to a PSF, measuring the width of a spectral feature, etc.). Sometimes the results of one computation influence the next, […]


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Links: Representative Color Images, Unconscious Bias, Lecturecasting, Saying No, and More.

by Kelle August 6, 2010

Orange, Silver, and Black: The High Contrast Office. By brock2621, via Lifehacker. Astro Phony Colors? Or Just Misunderstood? | Spitzer A nice piece by Robert Hurt, one of astronomy’s premier visualizers, on the validity of “representative color” images. I particularly like the language translation analogy. Let’s rid our language of the misleading term “false color” […]


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