September 2010

10-Step Guide to Designing a Presentation

by Kelle September 29, 2010

Design a Presentation | Extreme Presentation Method Detailed 10-step guide for preparing effective and persuasive presentations. You should not draw any slides until step eight, 80% of the way through the process. (via Juice Analytics).


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Science Journalism: Is it really that bad for Astronomy news?

by Kelle September 28, 2010

This is a news website article about a scientific finding | The Lay Scientist Is the bulk of science journalism really this bad? The health stuff is awful, for sure, but are we astronomers disappointed with our play in the press?


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What’s Your Status? Airline Loyalty Programs

by Kelle September 27, 2010

How to Master Airline Loyalty Programs | Lifehacker A pretty advanced guide to choosing an alliance, airline, and keeping your mileage earnings consolidated. I totally agree with the author that elite status is the primary goal. And, since they don’t offer elite status, that means avoiding Virgin and JetBlue even if they have nice routes, […]


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De-Grease Your Laptop with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

by Kelle September 26, 2010

De-Grease Your Laptop with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser | Lifehacker Magic Eraser apparently works well on laptop/iPhone/iPad bodies as well: Magic Eraser magically cleans your Apple products


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Links: Computing, Diversity, Tenure, Teaching, and Travel…you know, the usual.

by Kelle September 24, 2010

Coyote and Catalyst Libraries Available in Subversion Repository | Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming Software Sustainability Workshop: Stories and Strategies | Astronomy Computing Today I’m so glad there are people thinking about this! XQuartz was updated recently to version 2.5.3 | MacResearch Truth Values: One Girl’s Romp Through MIT’s Male Math Maze | Women In […]


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Links: Error Estimation, Dance Your PhD, and More.

by Kelle September 22, 2010

Error estimation in astronomy: A guide. (arXiv:1009.2755v1) | astro-ph California state colleges and universities will get more than $200 million in stimulus funds | Los Angeles Times ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ Finalists Announced | Science Now I’d like to start compiling the Astronomy submissions to this competition, past and present. Please post links to Astronomy PhD […]


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Topcat: Leader of the Catalogue Manipulation Gang

by Guest September 20, 2010

This is a guest post—featuring our first screencast!—from Niall Deacon who studies brown dwarfs and white dwarfs in the Pan-STARRS survey at the University of Hawai`i. Niall also blogs about astronomy at weareallinthegutter. If you are drowning in search windows from different data archives and wasting time writing code to plot graphs of the simplest […]


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Links: CV Tips, Practice Not Using Jargon, Desk Layouts, and More.

by Kelle September 17, 2010

Creating and Maintaining Your CV | ProfHacker Added to the Job Hunting section of the AstroBetter Wiki. To tweet or not to tweet? | Research Information Network I think that, by far, the best use of Twitter that as emerged for researchers is for sharing thoughts at conferences. White Students Are Minority of Frosh at […]


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Links: Linear Fits to Data, the Ideal Salary, History of OS X, and More.

by Kelle September 14, 2010

Scientific hubris, or: Everything you thought you knew about straight line fits is wrong | SarahAskew “In a paper posted to the Arxiv in late August, David Hogg of NYU and his collaborators take us to task on our sloppy data fitting habits. And he’s not in the mood to mince his words.” Career Advice: […]


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Links: Work-Life Balance, Taxes, USB Necklace, and More.

by Kelle September 10, 2010

A Cosmologist Resists Academia's Work-Life Norms | Science Careers “Throughout her career, Bridle, now 35, has resisted the accepted norms for attaining success in academia: long hours and personal sacrifice. At the same time, she has dedicated herself to answering questions about how astronomers can balance a career in academia with a fulfilling personal life.” […]

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