September 2010

Resources for Teaching Astro 101

by Guest September 8, 2010

John Feldmeier is an assistant professor at Youngstown State University. He does research on high redshift galaxies and galaxy clusters. He is a member of the Collaboration of Astronomy Teaching Scholars, and just rotated off as the Center for Astronomy Education Guest Moderator of astrolrner. It’s fall again, and everyone who is teaching Astro 101, […]


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How to easily create, read, write and manipulate tables and databases in Python with ATpy and asciitable

by Tom September 6, 2010

With the release of ATpy 0.9.4 and asciitable 0.2.4, it’s about time we told our readers how incredibly easy it is to create, read, write, and manipulate tables and databases of data in Python!   Most, if not all of us have to manage tabular data at one point or another, and it is safe […]


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Links: Priority Inbox, iPad, Our Silly Brains, and More.

by Kelle September 4, 2010

I’ve been off the AstroBetter grid for a couple days due to the Cool Stars 16 meeting (#CS16), the US Open, and the first week of classes and all. Comment moderation, among other things, fell by the wayside and I just trashed 600 spam comments…in the unlikely event that your comment got incorrectly marked and […]

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