Command-` to switch between windows of current application

by Kelle on October 19, 2010

For awhile, I’ve been looking for a keyboard shortcut to switch between multiple windows of one application. I’d even been trying out Switché, but really couldn’t get used to it. I prefer the native Application Switcher. The one thing I liked about it was command-‘ to switch between windows of the current application. Suddenly, I realized that I was using this shortcut on a machine that didn’t have Switché installed! Who the hell knew cmd-‘ is the default command for this?

The only documentation I could find for this keyboard shortcut was in the official list of Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts. Seems like this list should be pursued every once in awhile in search of hidden gems.

Also, here’s a nice post on the various ways to navigate with Application Switcher (cmd-tab):
Secrets of the Command-Tab Mac Application Switcher | OS X Daily

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1 Mike Cushing October 20, 2010 at 3:22 pm

A very nice replacement for the default Application Switcher is LiteSwitch X. It has the same functionality as the default switcher, but is more customizable. My favorite feature is that it will open a new window in the application if there is no window open, e.g. command-tabing to Safari will open a safari window if there is no safari window open. Their website is a bit weak so here is a another describing the latest version.


2 anon October 20, 2010 at 5:30 pm

system preferences -> keyboard & mouse -> keyboard shortcuts. It’s listed there.

I suppose I found it right away because I was motivated. Coming from KDE (on FreeBSD and Linux), I was used to using a similar keyboard shortcut to switch between any windows, and was confused when the OS X version switched only between applications. Then I discovered there are two shortcuts, and the second switches between windows of a single application. I guess I’ve gotten used to that know, although usually I’ll just use the “all windows” corner I’ve set up in Exposé.


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