January 2012

The Astropy Project: A core Python package for Astronomy

by Tom January 30, 2012

In June 2011, the announcement of a new Python package for Astronomy on the astropy mailing list prompted a long thread that started as a criticism of the proliferation of independently-developed Astronomy Python packages but quickly became the start of a common effort to develop a single core package for Astronomy. Many hundreds of emails, […]


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Pretty plotting of spectra? [Ask AstroBetter]

by Jane January 27, 2012

What tools (or self-rolled code) do people prefer when making big publishable figures of spectra?  The example given was an echelle spectrum, where the spectrum is loooong, and has many spectral orders to stack onto one or more pages of the journal. Since this is a shamelessly self-generated Ask AstroBetter, I will award a beer […]


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What I Learned About Astro Outreach From Giving a TEDx Talk

by Jane January 23, 2012


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AAS 219 Twitter Review: Miscellaneous

by Jessica Lu January 20, 2012

And for my last twitter review post, here are some miscellaneous quotes or paraphrases from several different talks that I found interesting, humorous, provocative, or inspiring. Steven Weinberg‘s Talk on Big Science in Crises: “In the 19th century, rich men found astronomy glamorous and put money into it.” JWST’s history is somewhat reminiscent of the […]


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AAS 219 Twitter Review: The Postdoc Job Market

by Jessica Lu January 19, 2012

Continuing with my twitter review of AAS 219 sessions: The Astrophysics Postdoc Job Market – AAS Employment Committee This was a panel discussion where panel members included heads of postdoc fellowship programs and successful ex-postdocs who have moved on to faculty, research staff, industry, and education positions. Overall the discussion was interesting but rather open-ended. […]


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AAS 219 Twitter Review: Presentations

by Jessica Lu January 18, 2012

I attended AAS 219 in Austin and rather than take my own personal notes, I decided to tweet (@jlu_astro) during some of the sessions. My goal was to extract the most interesting and useful information so that anybody not in the room could get a small taste of what the session was like. Over the […]


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AAS 219 Twitter Review: The Stats (#aas219)

by Kelle January 16, 2012

I think this was the breakout meeting for Twitter at the AAS (#aas219)! And once again, @doug_burke has compiled some interesting stats and figures about the tweets coming from the conference. With 45 tweets, I came in as #15 in the list of frequent tweeters! Also looks like the meeting reached a crescendo on Wednesday. […]


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Twitter at AAS in Austin #aas219

by Kelle January 5, 2012

I don’t tweet much these days (except about #bikenyc) but if there’s one place where I pile on the bandwagon, it’s at conferences, and AAS in particular. I’ve said all of this last year and the year before last, but I’m going to say it again. And I’ll probably say it again next year. Twitter […]


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