October 2012

Why do you think there is a gender gap?

by Jessica Lu October 30, 2012

A new sociological study has been released surveying male and female scientists to find out what they say about the gender gap in sciences. A nice summary of the work is given in the blog post below (re-posts by  Women in Astronomy and  John Johnson brought it to my attention). The quotes from the interviews of […]


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One small step for a hiring committee…

by Laura Trouille October 30, 2012

An interesting post on the steps one mid-career scientist at a large public university has taken to impact his/her department’s hiring practice: Anonymous Guest-Post: One Small Step – Women in Astronomy


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The Part-Time Scientist

by Laura Trouille October 24, 2012

Catherine Neish (NASA Goddard) and David Choi (NASA Goddard) have an interesting post on NASA grant statistics, the impact on securing full-time funding, and pros and cons of the associated career choices for scientists: The Part-Time Scientist – Women in Astronomy  

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Teaching and Mentoring as a Relationship

by Kelle October 23, 2012

Many of the points in this article resonated with me and relate to the current topic of conversation. To me the real purpose of our work [as faculty] is to mentor our students, to help them along their path to becoming thoughtful, engaged, self-aware citizens who are fully able to make choices that reflect their […]

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Filtergraph: A Web-based Data Visualization Application

by Guest October 15, 2012

Dan Burger is a Computer Science graduate student at Vanderbilt University. He has been working with the Astroinformatics Group on how to dynamically handle and visualize large volumes of data. Datasets. If you work in astronomy, chances are you have them. They are hardly the romantic vision that you had when you decided to go into […]


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Not What We Want

by Kelle October 10, 2012

This email, supposedly sent to the grad students at a widely known Astronomy Dept, has been making the rounds and needs to be discussed. You can read for yourself the ten-point manifesto, but the most offensive points to me include, Not only should you work 80–100 hours a week, you should WANT to. If you […]


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Which meta data should be included in ArXiv postings?

by saurav October 8, 2012

Browsing the most recent postings on ArXiv, the most common information included in the “Comments” field includes the number of pages, number of figures and tables, and the status (submitted/accepted) of the paper. Many people do not include the any of the meta data. K.M. wrote to AstroBetter wondering what could be done to encourage people […]


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