Details and discussion about impending changes to ApJ and AJ

by Kelle February 13, 2015

During AAS225 in Seattle, there was an announcement about changes coming to the AAS Journals: Astrophysical Journal (ApJ), Astrophysical Journal Letters (ApJL), and the Astronomical Journal (AJ). These changes include lots of awesome things such as “linking articles directly to data archives, providing for video abstracts, improving figure presentation, making figures interactive, introducing the ability […]


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Professional Development Workshops at AAS225 in Seattle, WA

by Kelle September 26, 2014

As has become a regular feature of the AAS Winter meeting, there is again an excellent lineup of professional development workshops on the Saturday and Sunday before the main meeting begins. These workshops are organized by members of the AAS Employment Committee as well by individual AAS members. There are a limited number of spots […]


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Newbies Guide to Town Halls at #AAS223

by Kelle January 3, 2014

When I first started going to Town Hall meetings at AAS Meetings, I was very disappointed. I couldn’t understand what was going on. It felt like I had turned on an episode of a soap opera in the middle of a season. There was clearly a plot playing out, but 1) I didn’t have any […]


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Flirt with extreme caution #AAS223

by Kelle January 2, 2014

At all conferences, the boundary between professional and social interactions can be very blurred. While one of the best things about conferences like the AAS Meeting is hanging out with friends and meeting new people, we all need to remember that these are still primarily professional relationships and we need be very conscious about socially […]


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Sprint to #AAS223 and into 2014

by Kelle December 31, 2013

Due to the big annual winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society coming up next week in DC (<cough>not DC), we’ll be tossing out our normal posting schedule and playing it fast and loose for the next couple weeks. So, dust off your RSS readers, tune your twitter feed, or just come check back often. […]


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A call for open access to all data used in AJ and ApJ articles

by Kelle July 10, 2013

I don’t fully understand it, but I know the Astronomical Journal (AJ) and Astrophysical Journal (ApJ) are different than many other journals: They are run by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) and not by a for-profit publisher. That means that the AAS Council and the members (the people actually producing and reading the science) have […]


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Crowdfunding Outreach: Neurodome, a planetarium show about the brain and our drive to explore

by Kelle May 7, 2013

I am part of a project to make a planetarium show about the brain and exploration called Neurodome. First, as detailed below, after trying various traditional funding avenues, we are using Kickstarter to raise the cash. As of Tuesday morning, we are 95% of the way towards our goal of raising $25,000. Please consider supporting […]


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Presentations on iPad v2 [Ask AstroBetter]

by Kelle April 24, 2013

We’ve covered this topic of iPad presentations before, but with an emphasis on Keynote for iPad pros and cons. While Keynote for the iPad now supports actions and is probably still the best app for creating presentations on the iPad, it’s not the best solution if you create presentations in PowerPoint or want to make […]


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What’s the deal with Scisoft? [Ask AstroBetter]

by Kelle February 19, 2013

Orsola from Oz has gotten in touch with AstroBetter and asked about the current state of Scisoft. For those not familiar, to me, Scisoft is a big installer that is the quick and dirty way of getting Python and IRAF installed on a Mac. I briefly looked into the current status of this package while […]


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What fringe benefits do various institutions offer to postdocs?

by Kelle January 28, 2013

In the spirit of the Parental Leave Policies and Grad Student Representation Wikis, I think it would be useful and timely to discuss how different institutions treat their postdocs with regards to benefits. So let’s hear it, what kind of benefits did your institution give you as a postdoc? Decent, affordable healthcare options? Dental? Vision? […]


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