Sleep Better by Adjusting Screen Brightness at Night

by Kelle November 19, 2010

F.lux for Mac 5.0 Review | Macworld via Mike Cushing …looking at a computer display late at night—particularly when that display is calibrated to be bright and clear during the daytime—can be both visually irritating and a contributor to sleep problems. Once the sun starts to go down, [F.lux] gradually—over the course of an hour—dims […]


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by Jane February 5, 2010

Does everyone already know this tip, or am I about to improve your lives? Seat Guru shows airplane seating charts, specific to your airline and plane, color-coded for good and bad seats.  It’s prevented me from selecting ‘exit row’ seats that don’t recline or business class by the lavatory, and it’s found me the comfiest […]


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Learn to Take Breaks with Anti-RSI

by Kelle August 13, 2009

Breaks, both short and long, are widely regarded as productivity enhancing and as one of the easiest ways to prevent and reduce repetitive strain injuries (RSI), such as carpel tunnel syndrome. (More RSI prevention tips.) AntiRSI is a free application that monitors your keyboard and mouse activity and reminds you to take short “micro pauses” […]


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Stylish Laptop Stand

by Kelle June 16, 2009

Apple Blog has a nice review of the Rain Design mStand, the laptop stand designed for Macs and to look pretty next to a Cinema Display. I own two of these, one for work and one for home. My favorite feature is the cord management hole in back and the ability to store the keyboard […]


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