Telescope and Grant Proposal Calendar [Wiki]

by Kelle January 25, 2011

Upon the excellent suggestion of Angelle Tanner, we’ve created a shared Google Calendar for common telescope and grant proposal deadlines. The calendar is embedded below and also has its own wiki page: Telescope and Grant Proposal Calendar. We’ve already added a lot of deadlines and programs, but I’m sure we’re missing some. Please comment on […]


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Bad Proposals Writing Techniques

by Kelle December 14, 2010

How to Fail in Grant Writing | Do Your Job Better—The Chronicle of Higher Ed A list of proven techniques for writing bad proposals. (via Mordecai Mac Low). Some of my favorites: Focus your grant entirely on your own study species and/or area of focus. Knowledge for knowledge’s sake, right? Dealing with problems of general […]


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Advice to job-seekers

by Jane October 28, 2010

This is the first Autumn in five years that I’m not job-hunting.  So here is some unsolicited advice from 30,000 feet.  Your mileage may vary. 1.  Seek out new mentors. It’s possible that your usual mentors aren’t prepared or willing to help much with a job search.  It may be a long time since they […]


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Research funding: Making the cut : Nature News

by Kelle October 1, 2010

Research funding: Making the cut | Nature News Submitting a grant proposal but never been on a committee? Here’s an inside look at how it actually goes down. Even though this article is about a committee for the American Cancer Society, it sounds basically the same as an NSF review panel to me. (via Jackie […]


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