Astronomer to Data Scientist

by Laura Trouille January 2, 2013

Jessica Kirkpatrick recently made the transition from astrophysics researcher to data scientist for a tech company (Microsoft). Her insightful post provides suggestions for people in academia / research who are interested in pursuing a tech job. Astronomer to Data Scientist – Women in Astronomy


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Negotiation is a Dialogue: Compiled Advice

by Laura Trouille November 11, 2012

Laura Trouille (Northwestern University & The Adler Planetarium) has provided a useful resource of compiled advice for those entering the negotiation phase for a new job: Negotiating is a Dialogue: Compiled Advice – Women in Astronomy


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Why do you think there is a gender gap?

by Jessica Lu October 30, 2012

A new sociological study has been released surveying male and female scientists to find out what they say about the gender gap in sciences. A nice summary of the work is given in the blog post below (re-posts by  Women in Astronomy and  John Johnson brought it to my attention). The quotes from the interviews of […]


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Permanent Jobs Elusive for Recent PhDs [Link]

by Jessica Lu September 13, 2012

Jessica Kirkpatrick (UC Berkeley) has an interesting post on a recent study by the American Institute of Physics analyzing the types of employment obtained for new physics/astro PhDs: Permanent Jobs Elusive for Recent PhDs – Women in Astronomy


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Learning Python — The DIY Way

by Guest July 17, 2012

This is a guest post from Prof. Marla Geha at Yale University. Her research focuses on the formation, evolution, and destruction of dwarf galaxies. I’ve wanted to jump on the python bandwagon for a while. I’m an IDL programmer, but IDL licenses are becoming more annoying to maintain/afford. The excuse that python doesn’t provide the […]


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[Link] Statistics with Python

by Jessica Lu September 30, 2011

Astronomers rely on statistical analysis all the time. The Python programming language has some excellent add-on packages for statistics. But sometimes the documentation isn’t as helpful in “real-world” scenarios. Prasanth Nair has posted a very nice tutorial on Simple Statistics with Python over at his blog. I highly recommend it for new users of python […]


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Python 2 to 3 transition

by Jessica Lu August 31, 2011

You can hardly be an astronomer today without knowing how to write code. As with programmers in all disciplines, we are at the mercy of the language we code with. Computer science is still a rapidly evolving field and new programming languages come along, existing programming languages get updated, and your favorite packages/routines might get […]


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Should the Comment Feature on the Rumor Mill be Changed? [Poll]

by Kelle February 18, 2011

With the migration of the Rumor Mill to the AstroBetter wiki, a new feature was added, comments. Some of the comments have been useful questions, updates, and clarifications about jobs and fellowships while other threads have evolved to become (not completely unjustified) rants about the job market. These threads elicited this comment, Perhaps comments should […]


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Guidelines for Refereeing Journal Articles [Wiki]

by Kelle February 8, 2011

In collaboration with a few colleagues, I have sketched out a wiki page with some guidelines for refereeing submitted journal articles. Nearly everyone has wildly different expectations of the goals, duties, and time expenditures expected of a referee. At times this leads to combative encounters, complaints to editors, editorial decisions thought to be bizarre by […]


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