In Science, Order Matters

by Jess K August 6, 2014

By EMMA PIERSON, cross-posted from FiveThirtyEight. People tell me that, as a female scientist, I need to stand up for myself if I want to succeed: Lean in, close the confidence gap, fight for tenure. Being a woman in science means knowing that the odds are both against you being there in the first place and against you staying there. Some of this […]


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Which meta data should be included in ArXiv postings?

by saurav October 8, 2012

Browsing the most recent postings on ArXiv, the most common information included in the “Comments” field includes the number of pages, number of figures and tables, and the status (submitted/accepted) of the paper. Many people do not include the any of the meta data. K.M. wrote to AstroBetter wondering what could be done to encourage people […]


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Is emulateapj worth the trouble?

by saurav September 19, 2012

Do you use the emulateapj style file when submitting to astro-ph or circulating drafts to your co-authors? Or do you find it to be a nuisance? I have been informally asking this question at conferences (and otherwise) for a few months now and have encountered a mixed response.  A plurality seems to prefer papers in […]


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ArXivSorter: A Sorting Algorithm for Astro-ph

by saurav April 18, 2012

Overwhelmed by the large number of papers on astro-ph? Only have time to look at the relevant papers?  Or back from an internet-free vacation (what is that?) and want to find out what you missed?  Try ArXivSorter, which uses a friends-of-friends algorithm to sort the papers on astro-ph for you. Using an initial list of […]


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Twitter-Based Astronomy Journal Club

by Kelle June 8, 2011

Hashtag: #astroJC Organizers: @astronomyjc Blog: Astronomy Journal Club The general idea is that we meet up on twitter at a prearranged day and time and discuss an interesting piece of astronomy research. This will generally take the form of an academic paper, but we could also include some articles too. Everyone’s welcome to participate, whether […]


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Search ADS, SIMBAD, and astro-ph with Quicksilver

by Kelle May 10, 2011

Since it turns out that Quicksilver will continue to be developed—and now that I’ve managed to get some breathing room from teaching, researching, and advising—I’ve been spending some time rekindling and honing my Quicksilver ninja skills. (If you need an intro, check out: Introducing Quicksilver.) In particular, I’ve got mine setup to perform searches of […]


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Mendeley: The future to managing science papers?

by Eli March 22, 2010

This is another guest post by Sarah Kendrew (blog, Twitter) a postdoc in infrared astronomy at Leiden Observatory working on instrumentation for the European Extremely Large Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope. She’s also contributed an article about Evernote. Staying on top of the literature, even in a narrow field, is one of the […]


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Automatically Create a Webpage of Articles for Astro-ph Discussion with PHP and Python.

by Kelle February 15, 2010

Here is a guest post by Ian Crossfield, a third-year graduate student at UCLA working on the infrared characterization of exoplanet atmospheres, and Nate Ross, a first-year graduate student working on various projects relating to the history of star formation in the universe. Like many astro groups, UCLA has had an informal astro-coffee discussion for […]


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Links: Dark Matter, AstroPy, Writing, and More

by Kelle January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Dark Matter Tools Website | Via Cosmic Variance US LHC Blog » Who will pay for the arXiv? | Cornell to ask for voluntary donations from heaviest user institutions. BetterTouchTool Customizes Your Mac’s Multitouch Gestures | Lifehacker AstroPy Info Page | Mailing list for Astronomers interested in Python. It’s […]

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myADS arXiv RSS Feeds: Now with Abstracts!

by Kelle August 26, 2009

A while back, I wrote a primer on RSS feeds for astronomers. In my opinion, RSS is ideal for browsing and managing the daily astro-ph listings and is far superior to the one big daily email most people get. In particular, I like the feed provided by myADS because it sorts the articles based on […]


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