Study on Interactive Lecture in Physics Courses Slammed by NY Times

by Kelle May 13, 2011

I’m turning into an interactive lecture evangelist. I’m not the best advocate since I was raised in the faith, rather than converting, but I’ve still been seriously trying to convince my physics colleagues and the adjuncts who teach our evening and summer Astro101 to add just at least a bit of student-centered learning to each […]


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Estimate of the Situation

by Guest November 1, 2010

This is guest post by Liam McDaid, Astronomy Coordinator and Professor of Astronomy at Sacramento City College. He is also a Senior Scientist at Skeptic Magazine. This guest post is the first to result from my effort to get more education (e.g., Astro101) and public outreach content on AstroBetter and it focuses on the application […]


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Resources for Teaching Astro 101

by Guest September 8, 2010

John Feldmeier is an assistant professor at Youngstown State University. He does research on high redshift galaxies and galaxy clusters. He is a member of the Collaboration of Astronomy Teaching Scholars, and just rotated off as the Center for Astronomy Education Guest Moderator of astrolrner. It’s fall again, and everyone who is teaching Astro 101, […]


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Teaching Astro 101 Better

by Kelle May 31, 2010

In the Fall, I’ll be teaching Introduction to Astronomy to ~350 non-science majors, the course Astronomers affectionately call Astro 101 regardless of its actual course number at our school. Lucky for me, and for many of you, there is a wealth of education research that has demonstrated which teaching techniques work best for actually improving […]


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