Graduate School as Entrepreneurship

by Guest August 26, 2013

This is a guest post by Mikhail Klassen, a PhD candidate at McMaster University. He writes about work and life within and beyond academia at The UnStudent Blog. When I speak to other graduate students, they tend to say that they love doing science, but that they are anxious about what they’ll do after graduation. […]


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New on the wiki: post-tenure career advice

by Chris Crockett August 21, 2013

We talk a lot about how to get into grad school, how to get that first (and second, and third…) postdoc, how to nail the interview….but then what? Once you’ve achieved tenure, is there any more career advice to learn? Absolutely! Post-tenure can be quite a different world from everything that came before. That’s why […]


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The importance of thank you notes

by Guest August 19, 2013

This is a guest post by communication expert Lisa B. Marshall.  Lisa writes The Public Speaker column at Quick and Dirty Tips where she provides tips on how to be engaging and memorable every time you speak. This article is also available as a podcast. Writing thank you notes has become a lost art form. […]


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How and when to say “no”

by Chris Crockett July 5, 2013

Struggling with too many commitments? You might want to try a powerful and simple time management technique: saying “no”. In this post at GradHacker, Stephanie Hedge offers a list of questions you should ask yourself before before jumping into that next committee:  When someone comes to me asking for a favor, or looking for help […]


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The PhD Placement Project

by Chris Crockett June 28, 2013

If you’re considering whether or not grad school is for you, one question you might want answered is: what happens after I graduate? Will I have a job? Where do graduates of a particular program end up going? To that end, the Chronicle of Higher Education is starting a PhD Placement Project: We would like […]

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Wiki update: interview questions

by Chris Crockett April 10, 2013

For most folks, it’s the job season is over and as you revel in finally knowing where you’re going to be in the Fall, why not spend some time preparing clear, concise responses to some of the most frequently asked interview questions? We’ve updated the wiki page on interview advice, courtesy of Alison Coil. In […]


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New Faculty Job Search Wiki Page

by Guest February 13, 2013

Joshua Pepper is starting a position as a tenure-track assistant professor in the Physics Department at Lehigh University, after working as a postdoctoral fellow at Vanderbilt University for the past five years. His research centers on exoplanets and small telescope surveys, primarily with the KELT project. Upon embarking on his search for a faculty position […]


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Astronomer to Data Scientist

by Laura Trouille January 2, 2013

Jessica Kirkpatrick recently made the transition from astrophysics researcher to data scientist for a tech company (Microsoft). Her insightful post provides suggestions for people in academia / research who are interested in pursuing a tech job. Astronomer to Data Scientist – Women in Astronomy


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The Road Less Traveled: Organizing Discussions of Non-Academic Career Paths

by Guest August 6, 2012

Johanna Teske is finishing her fourth year as an Astronomy graduate student at the University of Arizona, Steward Observatory. Her science research focuses on observing and modeling exoplanet atmospheres, studying in particular their (compositional) relationship to the atmospheres of their host-star. She also dabbles in education research, studying on how science fits into the worldview […]


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‘Be Yourself’ – Truth or Myth? [Link]

by Jessica Lu May 4, 2012

Inside Higher Ed has some interesting advice on whether advising someone to “be yourself” during an interview is the right approach. I found most of the recommendations in the article useful. But I would also counter that you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else. The ‘Be Yourself’ Myth – Inside Higher Ed What do you […]

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