Tweets from #DPS2010 Planetary Science Conference

by Kelle October 5, 2010

Great tweeting going on from the planetary science conference in Pasadena. Check out #DPS2010.


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Links: Priority Inbox, iPad, Our Silly Brains, and More.

by Kelle September 4, 2010

I’ve been off the AstroBetter grid for a couple days due to the Cool Stars 16 meeting (#CS16), the US Open, and the first week of classes and all. Comment moderation, among other things, fell by the wayside and I just trashed 600 spam comments…in the unlikely event that your comment got incorrectly marked and […]

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Links: Encouraging Creativity, Getting Started with Twitter, Ergo Mousing, and More.

by Kelle August 14, 2010

Scientific career renewal | Nature Jobs “Scientists must force themselves off the research treadmill periodically if they are to remain creatively stimulated. The culture and bureaucracy of science must encourage them to do so.” Taking “The Road Not Taken”: On the Benefits of Diversifying Your Academic Portfolio. (arXiv:1008.1586) | astro-ph “…young researchers should always allocate […]


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