Backup or Shut Up [Links]

by Kelle March 28, 2012

March 31 is World Backup Day. Just like chocolate on Valentine’s, this Hallmark holiday calls for a links roundup: The Bare Minimum: Do you have a backup plan? Nice overview from Profhacker of the popular online backup solutions. Thorough: Lifehacker’s 2011 backup day post lists the options for desktops, online services like Gmail, and iPhone […]


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Privacy Issues with the iPhone/iPad and DropBox

by saurav April 20, 2011

There have been two recent developments exposing how false our sense of privacy is in this technological world. As all of us use the iPhone/iPad and/or the DropBox fairly regularly, this merits some discussion. 1) iPhone/iPad: Alasdair Allan & Pete Warden found that their iPhone has been tracking their location and the associated timestamp ever since […]


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TUAW List of Best Mac Apps

by Kelle December 30, 2010

The best Mac applications I used in 2010 | TUAW. We’ve told you about DropBox and Mailplane ($25). I’ve been trying out BusyCal (aka iCal pro, $50) and will most likely be purchasing that. I also just started using Divvy, which is similar to Cinch ($7) and SizeUp ($13), for automatically arranging my windows. I […]


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DropBox Keeps Getting Better and Better

by Kelle December 22, 2010

The big news is that DropBox has released version 1.0. The major new feature is Selective Sync. I also noticed Pause Syncing, but maybe that’s not new? To get the upgrade, download the new version and install by hand. (As Sarah pointed out in the comments, if DropBox is already running, be sure to quit […]


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Version Control Demystified, Part 1: Version Control in Apps you already use

by Tom November 15, 2010

Have you heard about ‘version control’ but don’t know what it is, don’t see the point, don’t want to invest time finding out about it, or think that it is only accessible to the tech-savvy? Think again! This is the first in a series of posts devoted to demystifying version control. By ‘version control’, what […]


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Dropbox Doubles Referral Credit if You’ve Got a .edu Email Address

by Kelle October 10, 2010

Dropbox – Students I just doubled my Dropbox storage by associating a .edu email address with my current account. They are giving retroactive credit for all previous referrals at the new higher rate (500MB/referral instead of 250MB). (via Lifehacker.) In case your not familiar with DropBox, here’s a post from the archive: Use DropBox to […]


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Links: Computing, Diversity, Tenure, Teaching, and Travel…you know, the usual.

by Kelle September 24, 2010

Coyote and Catalyst Libraries Available in Subversion Repository | Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming Software Sustainability Workshop: Stories and Strategies | Astronomy Computing Today I’m so glad there are people thinking about this! XQuartz was updated recently to version 2.5.3 | MacResearch Truth Values: One Girl’s Romp Through MIT’s Male Math Maze | Women In […]


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Links: Work-Life Balance, Taxes, USB Necklace, and More.

by Kelle September 10, 2010

A Cosmologist Resists Academia's Work-Life Norms | Science Careers “Throughout her career, Bridle, now 35, has resisted the accepted norms for attaining success in academia: long hours and personal sacrifice. At the same time, she has dedicated herself to answering questions about how astronomers can balance a career in academia with a fulfilling personal life.” […]

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Links: More Postdocs in Canada, Less in Ireland; Apps for Distraction Avoidance and Break Reminders; Python Style Guide; and More

by Kelle July 16, 2010

Politics Postdoc Push in Canada | Inside Higher Ed (via Adam Kraus) Ireland Cuts Back on Ph.D. and Postdoc Support | Science News Antonelli, A.: A decline and fall in the future of Italian Astronomy? | astro-ph Career and Professional Development Report from the 2010 AAPT New Faculty Workshop | ProfHacker The American Association of […]


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Keep iCal and Address Book in Sync Across Multiple Computers: MobileMe vs. Fruux.

by Kelle April 14, 2010

(To those who noticed, apologies for the premature publishing of this post earlier this week.) This is Part 2 of two-part series on keeping multiple computers in sync. Part 1 was about using Dropbox to sync files and applications. For about three months, I used Fruux to keep my iCal and Address Book in sync […]


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