DropBox Keeps Getting Better and Better

by Kelle December 22, 2010

The big news is that DropBox has released version 1.0. The major new feature is Selective Sync. I also noticed Pause Syncing, but maybe that’s not new? To get the upgrade, download the new version and install by hand. (As Sarah pointed out in the comments, if DropBox is already running, be sure to quit […]


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Do you Homebrew? Does it outdo MacPorts and Fink?

by Eli October 18, 2010

An open source social network program called Diaspora has been posted on Github for the public to try out and I decided to give it a whirl. Diaspora has many UNIX application dependencies since it’s currently in development/alpha mode. Not wanting to spend much time on installing the dependencies I looked at several howtos and […]


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MacPorts 101

by saurav June 16, 2010

While the Mac OS X provides us easy access to the much-beloved terminal, by itself, it is very limited. Apple does not support or maintain its Terminal or X11/XQuartz applications; it is rather supported by an independent group of developers (see XQuartz wiki). However, as the Mac OS X is built on X11, there is […]


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