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Links: SIMBAD Annotations, IDL 8.0, Mendeley Goes Social, and More.

by Kelle March 5, 2010

Annotations service released | CDS news Add comments to SIMBAD objects! “…not intended to supersede email support via question@simbad, but to improve the contents of SIMBAD contents and the level of interaction between CDS staff and SIMBAD users.” (via August Muench.) Blogging the IDL User's Group Meeting | comp.lang.idl-pvwave Discussion about the new features coming […]


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Links: Nice Smells and Fair Play, a New Task Manager, Google bits, and More.

by Kelle February 19, 2010

Dual Displays and Sparkling Skylines | Lifehacker This guy went down a difficult path to get two monitors to work with a MacBook. I’d like to see a review for this new USB-DVI option. Clean smells promote generosity and fair play; dark rooms and sunglasses promote deceit and selfishness | Not Exactly Rocket ScienceI wonder […]


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Links: Clear Distractions and Books, Google Buzz, Two Tales from the Trenches, and More.

by Kelle February 12, 2010

clear distractions | Nothing we haven’t been told before, but sometimes it helps to be reminded. A minimalist approach to books | Get rid of the books you never use! Get a library card. If you insist on buying books — I find the airport bookstore particularly tempting — give them away or […]

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