Nailing the Tech Interview

by Jess K December 2, 2013

Cross-posted from Women in Astronomy A year ago, I made the transition from astrophysicist to data scientist. One of the harder parts of making the transition was convincing a tech company (during the interview process) that I could do the job. Having now been on both sides of the interview table, I’d like to share some […]


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The importance of thank you notes

by Guest August 19, 2013

This is a guest post by communication expert Lisa B. Marshall.  Lisa writes The Public Speaker column at Quick and Dirty Tips where she provides tips on how to be engaging and memorable every time you speak. This article is also available as a podcast. Writing thank you notes has become a lost art form. […]


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Practicing for phone interviews

by Jane August 8, 2012

Let’s talk about phone interviews. Whether you’re to be interviewed by a reporter about your recent press release or by a prospective employer, you can employ the same preparation strategy. I learned this strategy in a media training class*, so I’ll talk first about media interviews, then how to adapt the method for job interviews. Here’s […]


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Links: iPad, Effective Delegation, Job Interviews, and More

by Kelle January 29, 2010

iPad Impressions from People Who’ve Actually Used It | The iPhone Blog Looks like I’m coming down pro-iPad. Not right away, of course, but I could see myself getting a 2nd generation one…with multi-tasking and a camera. Apple iPad: Everything You Need to Know | Gizmodo 5 Tips for Effective Delegation | 1) Define […]

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Links: Interview Practice, Key Remap, and Nexus One/Android 2.1

by Kelle January 8, 2010

I’ve been basically iPhone-only while at the AAS but here’s what caught my eye this afternoon while Marking All as Read the ~1000 unread items in my feed reader. Better Talking Lets You Practice And Review for Interviews | Lifehacker KeyRemap4MacBook: the utility keyboard lovers have dreamed of | The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) Nexus […]


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