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‘Be Yourself’ – Truth or Myth? [Link]

by Jessica Lu May 4, 2012

Inside Higher Ed has some interesting advice on whether advising someone to “be yourself” during an interview is the right approach. I found most of the recommendations in the article useful. But I would also counter that you shouldn’t pretend to be someone else. The ‘Be Yourself’ Myth – Inside Higher Ed What do you […]

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Job Interview Advice on the CSWA’s blog

by Kelle February 29, 2012

Today on the Women in Astronomy blog, there is a first post in a series with job interview advice. This first one lists some questions you should be prepared to answer about your teaching and research interests when interviewing for on a tenure-track academic position. Go check it out! Women in Astronomy | Job Interview Advice


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Marketing for Scientists: A Book about the Business of Doing Science

by Guest February 15, 2012

This is a guest post by Marc Kuchner, a staff scientist at Goddard Space Flight Center.  Kuchner is a former Hubble fellow, and he won the SPIE Early Career Achievement Award in 2009 for his work on exoplanets. He is also the author of a new book that we should probably all read. Six years […]

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AAS 219 Twitter Review: The Postdoc Job Market

by Jessica Lu January 19, 2012

Continuing with my twitter review of AAS 219 sessions: The Astrophysics Postdoc Job Market – AAS Employment Committee This was a panel discussion where panel members included heads of postdoc fellowship programs and successful ex-postdocs who have moved on to faculty, research staff, industry, and education positions. Overall the discussion was interesting but rather open-ended. […]


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Maps of Astronomy Programs

by Kelle August 29, 2011

Dimitri Veras, a postdoc at IoA-Cambridge, has created maps of Astronomy institutions in the US, Canada, and Australia. Mousing over the symbols reveals the number of majors and grad students in the department and the population of the city the department is located in. The symbol meanings are different on each map, but the primary […]


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Rumor Mill 2011–2012 is now open

by Jessica Lu August 23, 2011

Astronomers are still social human creatures despite all stereotypes to the contrary. Thus the Astrophysics Job Rumor Mill is one of our most frequented pages on the AstroBetter wiki. We have started the new rumor mill for 2011–2012 and relegated the 2010–2011 page to archives. You shouldn’t need to update links as the page titled […]


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Career Advice on Cosmic Variance

by Kelle May 27, 2011

A couple weeks ago on Cosmic Variance, Sean asked his readers for advice for scientists interested in pursuing a non-academic track: Soliciting Advice: Non-Academic Careers for Ph.D.’s The comments are chock-full of great ideas. The couple things I take away are: The need for science policy folks is greater than I thought. (But are all […]


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Should the Rumor Mill be more than… a rumor mill?

by Kelle January 28, 2011

KC poses a provocative question over on the Rumor Mill: It’s obvious the Rumor Mill is much more popular than just a few years ago. That’s to be expected now that most young astronomers (the primary drivers of the job market) are well-acquainted with wiki’s, Facebook, etc. Should selection committee’s start taking advantage of this […]


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Are the Obvious Non-Academic Career Options for Astronomers Not As Attractive as in Other Fields?

by Kelle December 15, 2010

Volatile and Decentralized: Why I’m leaving Harvard Tenured Harvard Computer Science professor describes why he chose to leave academia for a gig at Google. (via Evegenya Scholnick) I get to hack all day, working on problems that are orders of magnitude larger and more interesting than I can work on at any university…At Google, I […]


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More Advice for the Job Search

by Kelle November 3, 2010

If I Could Do It Over… | Career Advice – Inside Higher Ed ‘Tis the season for job hunting and therefore also for job hunting advice. This article has lots of good advice but this is my favorite: Humility has no place in a job search. There’s no reason that you should be anything but […]


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