Call to Action to Save JWST

by Kelle September 2, 2011

Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with the day-to-day developments about the threat to cancel to JWST. I assumed that the cancellation by the House Appropriations Subcommittee in the FY12 budget proposal was an empty threat and that the higher-ups in the US Astronomical community would take care of it. However, based on conversations with […]


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JWST Will Not Ravage the NASA Astrophysics Budget

by Kelle December 8, 2010

Based on this article and some discussion with an insider, it’s worth contiuing our earlier discussion about the JWST mis-budgeting. Exclusive: NASA’s Plan to Save Astrophysics From Space Telescope’s Budget Overruns | Wired.com “They’re not going to ravage the astrophysics budget,” said Alan Boss, an astrophysicist at the Carnegie Institution for Science and chair of […]


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Bad Press for JWST Due to Poor Budgeting

by Kelle November 17, 2010

I know this is old news by blogging standards, but what are people’s thoughts about the hubbub over the JWST independent review report? NASA Space Telescope Center of $1.5 Billion Fiasco | Science Insider NASA would not be able to launch the telescope before September 2015—a year behind schedule. In order to make that deadline, […]


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Links: PR for MIRI, Gemini Data Workshop, and Department Culture Impacts Women in Science.

by Kelle March 26, 2010

MIRI crosses the pond (Thoughts on PR) | SarahAskew On the occasion of the engineering test model of the mid-infrared instrument (MIRI) for James Webb Space Telescope arriving at Goddard, a member of the MIRI team discusses the test instrument and its press attention in the US and the lack of it in Europe. Gemini […]


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