Add Symbols and Equations to IDL Figures with LaTeX and PSfrag

by saurav January 4, 2011

While IDL does support math equations and symbols—often made easier by routines like and—the results are not aesthetically pleasing. One particular instance that has annoyed many of us astronomers has been the sunsymbol (⦿). The available solutions are not ideal: the dot inside the circle is off-center in, the vertical alignment is […]


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How and Why to use TextMate for LaTeX

by Kelle October 11, 2010

In a previous post, we talked about how to install latex. (It would be really great if someone could synthesize and transfer the information in that post to the LaTeX wiki page.) Tom also recently gave us a rundown the various text editors for OS X. Here, I’m going to go through the details of […]


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LaTeX and iWork on Mac OS X

by Kelle October 9, 2010

Keynote and LaTeX on Mac OS X Great tips on getting LaTeX equations into Keynote presentations and Pages documents. I’m impressed with the simplicity of both the Grapher and LaTeXIt Service solutions.


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Links: Decadal Round Up, Myths about Girls in Science, New LaTeX Site, and Much, Much More.

by Kelle August 20, 2010

These posts are getting too long. I’m going to start doing this twice a week: Tuesdays, in addition to Fridays. Stop Admitting Ph.D. Students | Inside Higher Ed “Knowing that prospective students apply to graduate school of their own free will, with hope in their hearts and stardust in their eyes, doesn’t absolve faculty of […]

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Install LaTeX, AASTeX, and MN2E on Mac OS X

by Kelle July 6, 2010

Update (March 8, 2013): New information on adding directories for package management. LaTeX, pronounced “la tech”, is a typesetting program that we use to write our papers (instead of Word or somesuch nonsense). Over the long US holiday weekend I got LaTeX and all of its bits installed on my new 13″ MacBook Pro (named […]


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Code and text editors on MacOS X

by Tom June 21, 2010

One of the things we spend the most time doing as astronomers is writing text and/or code, whether to develop a pipeline to reduce/plot data, write papers/proposals, or write simulation codes. Choosing a good text editor is just as important as having a good chair to sit on, and can have a big impact on […]


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Links: DropBox on the iPhone, 3D Plots in LaTeX, Scheduling, and more…

by Kelle December 13, 2009

Apologies for the hiccups with these Links posts recently. The links have disappeared from all of the older posts and I’m in the process of putting them back in by hand, but it’s not high on my priority list. I’ve switched to a new plugin which I’m hoping will result in more permanent and customizable […]

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Links: new IDL routines, Quicksilver updated, figure placement in LaTeX, and more…

by Kelle December 4, 2009
  • New Programming Books for Scientists
  • New Coyote Program: SetDifference
  • New Coyote Program: SetUnion
  • Write or Rest During Your break? Here’s a Plan!
  • Quicksilver releases new beta 57
  • Who is advising our female astronomy students?
  • […]

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Why I use BibDesk instead of Papers

by Kelle October 29, 2009

Folks have been clamoring for a Papers vs. BibDesk post and here it is, finally. Since I don’t actually use Papers, this post is more of a listing of my reasons for sticking with BibDesk for the time being. This topic has been discussed elsewhere and is sure to be visited many times in the […]


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