Scientists: Bringing Home the Benjamins, part 2

by Jane June 9, 2010

Last week, we talked about personal finance for underpaid junior scientists.  We discussed how the astronomy career path dramatically under-pays junior astronomers during the first 10–12 years (graduate school + postdoc) of their career.  That they are often ineligible for retirement accounts during the grad school and postdoc years (or at least do not vest), […]


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Scientists: Bringing Home the Benjamins

by Jane June 2, 2010

While astronomers as a rule handle grant money responsibly, they’re often terrible with their own finances.  The gamut ranges from reckless experimentation, to willful obliviousness, to resigned acceptance of lifetime poverty.  In part, our attitudes toward money are reflections of our career choices — toward “pure science”, away from commercial pressure.* In practice, many of […]


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