Links: Future of NASA missions, Diversity Handbook, and more.

by Kelle May 7, 2010

2010 Senior Review for Operating Missions – NASA Science | Results of the most recent Senior Review of NASA’s operating missions. Link to a PDF with comments on each mission at the bottom of the page. Their rank ordering, from highest to lowest: Plank, Chandra, Warm Spitzer, Swift, Newton, WMAP, Suzaku, GALEX, RXTE, INTEGRAL, […]


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Links: Live Blogging, UK Budget Crisis, and more…

by Kelle December 18, 2009
  • Dark Matter Detected, or Not? Live Blogging the Seminar | Cosmic Variance
  • 2012: The apocalypse for UK optical astronomy | Supernova Condensate
  • The axeman cometh | The e-Astronomer
  • Dark days ahead? | SarahAskew
  • Blogging, Big meetings, and Bias | Women In Astronomy
  • […]


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