Introducing Arcsecond.io: The Home of iObserve on the Web!

by Guest April 9, 2018

Cédric Foellmi (@onekiloparsec) is an astrophysicist and senior software engineer. He is the maker of iObserve: a macOS and iOS app that has been previously featured on Astrobetter. He was also formerly an astronomer at ESO in Chile, where he met Éric Depagne, who was a VLT UVES instrument Fellow and is currently an astronomer […]


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SkyWatch: A Real-time Feed for Astrophysical Transients

by Guest December 7, 2015

Dexter Jagula is a co-founder of SkyWatch, a company that is creating innovative tools in time domain astronomy. SkyWatch were the winners of the 2014 NASA International Space Apps Challenge, and have completed a term in the Google for Entrepreneurs program. When studying transients, capturing observations of such events is extremely time-sensitive. It’s not only […]


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The Starchive: An open access, open source database of the nearest stars and beyond

by Guest April 27, 2015

Angelle Tanner is an assistant professor at Mississippi State University with interests in multiple methods of exoplanet detection and characterization. Situation 1:You make a preliminary list of target stars using SIMBAD and then follow up with a tedious search through Vizier and individual papers for all the additional observational data you need to motivate a […]

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iObserve 1.3

by Guest September 16, 2013

This is a guest post by Cédric Foellmi, developer of iObserve, an observing app for OSX. iObserve, the OSX app designed to simplify your observing runs, is getting a major upgrade. After more than a year of development, many new features are available which should make the app attractive to an even wider audience. Since […]


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New on the wiki: How to Observe

by Chris Crockett April 5, 2013

Do you have your first observing run coming up and wondering about what to expect? What should you bring? How should you prepare? What happens if a pack of wild javelina surrounds the telescope (a true story from your Content Manager…)? Amanda Kepley–an NRAO postdoctoral fellow in Green Bank, WV–has written up a fantastic wiki […]


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iObserve: An Observer’s Perspective

by saurav May 23, 2012

It is time to look at iObserve again; since Cédric told us about it in September, I have used the App for three separate observing runs. So here is what I found out about iObserve as an end-user. In a few words, iObserve is a must-have for any observational astronomer. I would even recommend it for people who have […]


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iObserve: The Astronomical Observing App We’ve Been Waiting For

by Guest September 14, 2011

This is a guest post by Cédric Foellmi, the developer of a Mac App called iObserve. After more than a year of development, starting almost from scratch, iObserve is now a stable and complete app aimed at planning and performing professional astronomical observations. Like many software, iObserve is the app I would have loved to […]


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Got the time? [Ask AstroBetter]

by Jane June 2, 2011

A reader asks:  “I am looking for a small Mac program that can be put in the top bar to show LST/UT and Local time. Is there something like that that you are aware of?” Readers, chime in!  (I would probably just open Jskycalc and hit the “Set to Now” and “Auto Step” buttons.  But I’m sure there’s […]


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Observation planning with JSkyCalc

by Jane May 25, 2010

JSkyCalc is an easy-to-install ephemeris tool that helps you plan your observing runs, then carry them out as efficiently as possible.  It’s a graphical revival of the venerable Skycalc by John Thorstensen of Dartmouth. Airmass-plotting tools exist for ESO and Keck.  The advantage of JSkyCalc is that it calculates everything you’ll need for observing, and it knows […]


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