Apple Notes: a look at the revamped electronic notebook

by Chris Crockett August 9, 2013

Looking for a good, simple electronic notebook but not convinced that Evernote is right for you? If you’re a Mac user, have you taken a recent look at the updated Apple Notes?  The MacObserver has a great article on how to get the most out of this revamped note-taking application:   The Notes app has […]


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OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: What Has Changed?

by saurav August 13, 2012

We are almost three weeks into the era of Mountain Lion, so it is a good time to talk about the new cat and what changes it has brought about for us. Which of the 200+ features that Apple talked about are actually useful? What has been made easier? Or which software no longer works? […]


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What Changes with XCode 4 Not Being Free Anymore?

by saurav March 10, 2011

Marcos talked about the Mac App Store and the advantages it brings to Mac users.  While I was (and am) excited about the App Store and the numerous applications I now have easy access to, my one big fear is coming true: previously-free applications now need to be paid for. With the App Store handling […]


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The Mac App Store and You

by Planck January 20, 2011

The new Mac App Store debuted a few weeks ago as Apple’s new centralized location for finding, purchasing, and installing Macintosh applications. (Don’t forget, we have a centralized list of useful Mac apps on the AstroBetter wiki.) It is modeled on the very successful iOS App Store, and works as its own, new, application that is […]


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Mac OS X Hints for 10.6 Snow Leopard

by saurav January 13, 2011

As we look forward to the days of Mac OS 10.7 Lion (Summer 2011) and a flood of hints on how to take advantage of new features in Lion at Mac OS X Hints, I thought it would be a good idea to share the list (from my bookmarks) of my favorite hints  since 10.6 […]

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Java and Mac OS X

by Planck October 25, 2010

Apple Outsider has a good piece on Java on Mac OS X. If you haven’t heard, Apple has announced that the current version of Java has been deprecated. This means that Apple is not going to keep creating their own Java VM for OS X. Apple is relying on Oracle/Sun to make a VM for […]


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Links: Linear Fits to Data, the Ideal Salary, History of OS X, and More.

by Kelle September 14, 2010

Scientific hubris, or: Everything you thought you knew about straight line fits is wrong | SarahAskew “In a paper posted to the Arxiv in late August, David Hogg of NYU and his collaborators take us to task on our sloppy data fitting habits. And he’s not in the mood to mince his words.” Career Advice: […]


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Macsingularity archive now hosted at Astrobetter

by Planck April 13, 2010

Thanks to Kelle, despite my leaving astronomy for the glorious world of public policy, and shutting down my web host account, the archives of Macsingularity live on.  We’re not 100% sure what to do with the home page, the IRAF installers (which are out of date), and other things, but for now pretty much all […]


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