Presenter Notes: Get your cheatsheets off your slides!

by Jane January 19, 2011

Why are our slides so wordy? Are we afraid we’ll forget what to say?  That would be bad, because memory-jogging notes for you aren’t words tuned for your audience.  Worse, your audience’s attention will be divided between your voice and your wordy slides. Previously, I recommended strategies for lean, effective slides when giving scientific talks.  Now, […]


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Talks: Fewer words, more understanding

by Jane April 12, 2010

When a speaker switches to a new, wordy slide, what happens?  The audience reads the words. They can’t help it.  This is what my wife calls the “Cereal Box effect”: if a cereal box is on the kitchen table, you’ll read the words printed on it.  In all of human history, nothing interesting has ever been printed on a […]


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