Google Docs to Write Collaborative Proposals

by Kelle January 6, 2011

Recently, the BD-NYC collaboration (me, Emily Rice, and Jackie Faherty) wrote an entire NSF proposal with Google Docs and it was AMAZING! In this post, I detail all the little things that we learned that will make it easier for you to get started using this tool. I’ve also whipped up a proposal template that […]


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Version Control Demystified, Part 3: Git and Mercurial

by Tom December 20, 2010

This post is the third in a series devoted to version control. In Part 1, I talked about version control features that are already integrated into everyday tools, such as Dropbox or Google Docs. In Part 2, I gave an introduction to Subversion, which is a ‘traditional’ command-line version control system. In this post, I […]


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Version Control Demystified, Part 2: A Subversion Primer

by Tom November 29, 2010

Introduction A couple of weeks ago, I outlined how version control, which I defined as the management of changes to documents, code, or information is both something you should care about, and something that you may already have been using or can easily use with Time Machine, Dropbox,, etc. One of the areas where […]


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Version Control Demystified, Part 1: Version Control in Apps you already use

by Tom November 15, 2010

Have you heard about ‘version control’ but don’t know what it is, don’t see the point, don’t want to invest time finding out about it, or think that it is only accessible to the tech-savvy? Think again! This is the first in a series of posts devoted to demystifying version control. By ‘version control’, what […]


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by Kelle November 10, 2010

Procrastination | You Are Not So Smart This article is a bit on the long side, but the bottom line is worth it: Your effort is better spent outsmarting future-you than making empty promises through plugging dates into a calendar. For an even longer, but much better written article, check out the New Yorker review […]


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Let Go, Delegate, and Let the Students Do the Work

by Kelle November 8, 2010

Why I suck at delegating (and why you might too) | kent’s posterous (via Lifehacker.) Delegation is not natural, it’s a skill and an art. Some of the most successful and note worthy people got to where they are due to their ability to let go of control and delegate. Other would be great people […]


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Write Now! And Write Often

by Kelle November 2, 2010

Write Now! | Career Advice – Inside Higher Ed Actively seek systematic ways to move a writing project along when small amounts of time present themselves in a busy schedule. He calls this “active waiting,” a means of being patient and productive and avoiding an all-or-nothing approach to writing…[This advise requires] not becoming comfortable with […]


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Links: CV Tips, Practice Not Using Jargon, Desk Layouts, and More.

by Kelle September 17, 2010

Creating and Maintaining Your CV | ProfHacker Added to the Job Hunting section of the AstroBetter Wiki. To tweet or not to tweet? | Research Information Network I think that, by far, the best use of Twitter that as emerged for researchers is for sharing thoughts at conferences. White Students Are Minority of Frosh at […]


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Links: Linear Fits to Data, the Ideal Salary, History of OS X, and More.

by Kelle September 14, 2010

Scientific hubris, or: Everything you thought you knew about straight line fits is wrong | SarahAskew “In a paper posted to the Arxiv in late August, David Hogg of NYU and his collaborators take us to task on our sloppy data fitting habits. And he’s not in the mood to mince his words.” Career Advice: […]


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Links: Priority Inbox, iPad, Our Silly Brains, and More.

by Kelle September 4, 2010

I’ve been off the AstroBetter grid for a couple days due to the Cool Stars 16 meeting (#CS16), the US Open, and the first week of classes and all. Comment moderation, among other things, fell by the wayside and I just trashed 600 spam comments…in the unlikely event that your comment got incorrectly marked and […]

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