How to delete entire words and lines in OS X

by Kelle May 24, 2011

I’m a big keyboard shortcut kinda gal. In both X11 and Aqua apps like Mailplane, TextMate, and Firefox, I regularly use: ctrl-k to “kill” an entire line ctrl-y to “yank” it back ctrl-a to move to the beginning of a line ctrl-e to move to the end of a line. I’ve been in the market […]


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Command-` to switch between windows of current application

by Kelle October 19, 2010

For awhile, I’ve been looking for a keyboard shortcut to switch between multiple windows of one application. I’d even been trying out Switché, but really couldn’t get used to it. I prefer the native Application Switcher. The one thing I liked about it was command-‘ to switch between windows of the current application. Suddenly, I […]


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