Python Tip: Re-sampling spectra with pysynphot

by Jessica Lu August 12, 2013

This post was inspired by a question from John Johnson. Have you ever wanted to plot a model spectrum at lower resolution? Or compare a model spectrum with an observed spectrum? Have you ever wanted to shift several observed spectra to a common redshift to stack them up? In all these cases, you would need to resample […]


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How to Turn an ASCII Table into an SDSS spectrum? [Ask AstroBetter]

by Kelle January 18, 2011

[title revised Jan 19] Since Jane’s questions have proved to be very popular and useful posts, we’ve decided to make “Ask AstroBetter” a regular feature. Continuing on the theme of spectral analysis, Eilat asks, Is there a straightforward way to take a table of wavelength, flux, error spanning the same range as SDSS spectra and […]


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The Integral Field Spectroscopy Wiki

by Guest October 19, 2009

Here’s a guest post from Mark Westmoquette at the University College London. Do you currently work with, or are you thinking about applying for integral field unit (IFU) observations? If so, then the Integral Field Spectroscopy wiki is for you. With IFS instruments installed on all the main optical telescope facilities around the world, it […]


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Spectral line analysis tools

by Jane October 2, 2009

This is an embarrassing post, but I’m going to forge ahead.  Time was, we used IRAF and we hated it, but what else was there?  Now, there are many choices, lots of them buggy and badly documented, some of them superb. Say I have a one-dimensional, flux-calibrated, wavelength-calibrated spectrum.  (So, all the hard work of […]


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