MATISSE, the ASDC web-tool for the planetary exploration

by Guest June 27, 2016

Angelo Zinzi is a postdoc at ASI Science Data Center (ASDC) and Astronomical Observatory of Rome (INAF-OAR). His work at ASDC includes the development of a multi-platform, flexible tool for accessing, analyzing and visualizing data from planetary exploration missions. MATISSE (Multi-purpose Advanced Tool for the Instruments for the Solar System Exploration) is a tool developed […]


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Python/3D Visualization: A new book available for students and scientists

by Guest July 8, 2015

Brian Kent is an associate scientist with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory working on pipeline software for VLA and ALMA, and has interests in galaxy surveys, dynamics, and 3D graphics and visualization. A new book published by IOP is now available entitled “3D Scientific Visualization with Blender.” This work is written for a broad scientific […]


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Astropy Tutorials: Learn how to do common astro tasks with astropy and Python

by Guest July 7, 2014

This is a guest post by Adrian Price-Whelan (@adrianprw), an NSF graduate fellow at Columbia University. Adrian works on tidal streams and Galactic dynamics, is an open source enthusiast, Python developer, and plays bass for death ray architect. He is also an instructor in the SciCoder workshops and Python workshops at AAS meetings. Astropy is […]


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Visualizing Astronomical Data with Blender

by Guest August 5, 2013

This is a guest post by Brian R. Kent, an astronomer at NRAO. Astronomy is a visually stunning science.  From wide-field multi-wavelength images to high-resolution 3D simulations, astronomers produce many kinds of important visualizations.  Astronomical visualizations have the potential for generating aesthetically appealing images and videos, as well as providing scientists with the ability to […]


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Python Tutorial for Astronomers

by Tom May 25, 2011

On Monday, a group of CfA astronomers (Tom Aldcroft, Brian Refsdal, Gus Muench, and myself) announced the availability of a web tutorial aimed at teaching Python to astronomers through a series of interactive workshops: http://python4astronomers.github.com/ Practical Python for Astronomers is a series of hands-on workshops to explore the Python language and the analysis tools it […]


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