Tutorial for embedding 3D interactive graphics into PDF

by Guest March 7, 2012

Josh Peek (@jegpeek) is a Hubble Fellow at Columbia University, specializing in the ISM in and around disk galaxies. He has a fascination with data presentation and design. As an astronomer studying the complex three-dimensional structures of the interstellar medium, I’ve been taken with the idea of presenting that information in a compelling and interactive […]


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So you want to be a frequent flier? (Part 1)

by Guest February 17, 2012

This is a guest post from Adam Kraus, a Premier-Platinum flyer on United/Continental who specializes in HNL-LAX and HNL-SFO, plus frequently travels through DEN, ORD, and BWI. He also is an Emerald Executive with National and has Gold status with Hilton. In his free time, Adam is a Hubble Fellow at the University of Hawaii […]


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Follow the Rumors

by Jessica Lu December 19, 2011

The time of year is approaching when job-seeking grad students and postdocs eagerly wait for any communication from prospective employers. While one could easily sit and refresh the Rumor Mill pages all day long, and I offer an alternative that might preserve both your productivity and your sanity this job-hunting season while also preventing the […]


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Rumor Mill 2011–2012 is now open

by Jessica Lu August 23, 2011

Astronomers are still social human creatures despite all stereotypes to the contrary. Thus the Astrophysics Job Rumor Mill is one of our most frequented pages on the AstroBetter wiki. We have started the new rumor mill for 2011–2012 and relegated the 2010–2011 page to archives. You shouldn’t need to update links as the page titled […]


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Wiki Restored!

by Jessica Lu April 28, 2011

The wiki and rumor mill have been restored after several performance enhancements. If you have issues with accessing the wiki, logging in, etc., please email us or comment below. Thanks for your patience!


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Wiki Update

by Jessica Lu April 21, 2011

As many of you have noticed, the wiki (including the Rumor Mill) have been inaccessible. Unfortunately, this was a necessary step in order for us to troubleshoot some performance issues we are experiencing. We still have all the content and fully plan to bring back up the wiki as soon as possible. We understand that […]


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Wiki Upgrade and New Page on Stellar Evolution and Atmosphere Models

by Jessica Lu April 1, 2011

Wiki Upgrade Some of you may have noticed that the wiki appearance has changed. This is because we have upgraded the wiki to the latest and greatest version of TikiWiki (6.2). Some of the functionality, especially wiki editing, should be greatly improved. We are still in the process of importing all of our stylistic customizations […]


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Funding opportunities for graduate students

by Jane February 24, 2011

A new page on our wiki collects funding opportunities for graduate study.  We’ve got the big fellowships (NASA GSRP and NSF GRF), predoctoral programs at observatories, and travel grants for grad students to attend conferences.  What are we missing?  Please speak up in the comments!


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Should the Comment Feature on the Rumor Mill be Changed? [Poll]

by Kelle February 18, 2011

With the migration of the Rumor Mill to the AstroBetter wiki, a new feature was added, comments. Some of the comments have been useful questions, updates, and clarifications about jobs and fellowships while other threads have evolved to become (not completely unjustified) rants about the job market. These threads elicited this comment, Perhaps comments should […]


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Summer Internships and Workshops for Undergrads and Graduate Students [Wiki]

by Kelle January 31, 2011

I’d like to compile a list of internships and summer workshops for undergrads and graduate students on the wiki. The goal is to have a list that goes beyond the well known REUs to include other research programs for undergrads like the Caltech and JPL SURF program. Also, I’d like the list to include visiting […]


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