The 2013 CSWA Demographics Survey: Portrait of a Generation of Women in Astronomy

by Jess K March 5, 2014

The below is reproduced from the January 2014 Status: A report on Women in Astronomy.  The 2013 CSWA Demographics Survey, by A. Meredith Hughes, Wesleyan University. As we consider how best to promote the full participation of women in astronomy, it is important to use quantitative methods to monitor progress and identify problems. Accordingly, collecting demographic data […]


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Newbies Guide to Town Halls at #AAS223

by Kelle January 3, 2014

When I first started going to Town Hall meetings at AAS Meetings, I was very disappointed. I couldn’t understand what was going on. It felt like I had turned on an episode of a soap opera in the middle of a season. There was clearly a plot playing out, but 1) I didn’t have any […]


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Endorse the System Roadmap Commitee’s Statement on the NSF Portfolio Review

by Kelle December 3, 2012

Bottom line: Please consider endorsing the System Roadmap Committee’s Statement with several recommendations regarding the implementation of the NSF/AST Portfolio Review that are intended to reflect the views of the broad community by submitting your name and affiliation on this Google Form.  The deadline to endorse is this Friday, December 7, 2012. As I’ve described […]


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Parental Leave Wiki Here on AstroBetter

by Laura Trouille September 17, 2012

Nick Murphy (CfA), Laura Trouille (Northwestern University & Adler Planetarium), and Emily Freeland (Oskar Klein Centre) have a new post on the parental leave wiki they created within the AstroBetter resource pages. Parental Leave Wiki on AstroBetter  –   Women in Astronomy For additional information on parental leave policies, also see previous CSWA* blog posts on the upcoming winter AAS […]


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Let’s Discuss the NSF Portfolio Review Report

by Kelle August 17, 2012

In short, there’s not enough money allocated to the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to do everything the US astronomical community wants to do so some things need to go. In order to figure out what to cut, the NSF commissioned a “Portfolio Review” committee to take a good hard look. Yesterday, the result of […]


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AAS 219 Twitter Review: Miscellaneous

by Jessica Lu January 20, 2012

And for my last twitter review post, here are some miscellaneous quotes or paraphrases from several different talks that I found interesting, humorous, provocative, or inspiring. Steven Weinberg‘s Talk on Big Science in Crises: “In the 19th century, rich men found astronomy glamorous and put money into it.” JWST’s history is somewhat reminiscent of the […]


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Support Family Leave Policies for Grad Students and Postdocs

by Kelle December 21, 2011

In the interest of fully supporting the intellectual efforts of astronomy graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, Emily Freeland, Aaron Geller, Nick Murphy, Laura Trouille and the AAS Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy have created a petition to encourage the establishment of family leave policies by Astronomy Departments and Fellowship Committees. Widespread adoption […]


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Help Shape the Future of Ground-Based Optical and Infrared Astronomy

by Kelle November 30, 2011

I am a member of the new System Roadmap Committee formed by NOAO to assess the state of the ground-based optical and infrared system of observing facilities, including both private (e.g., Keck, Magellan) and public (e.g., NOAO) observatories. We are a successor to the past ALTAIR and ReSTAR Committees that performed valuable one-time assessments of […]


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US Ground-Based Astronomy Threatened

by Kelle October 25, 2011

The latest NOAO Currents: October 2011 lays out the current dire landscape for ground-based facilities in the US. They have set up an online forum (just a blog post with a comments section) to facilitate a discussion amongst the community (that means us). The signals from National Science Foundation Astronomy division (NSF AST)  imply that […]


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Call to Action to Save JWST

by Kelle September 2, 2011

Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with the day-to-day developments about the threat to cancel to JWST. I assumed that the cancellation by the House Appropriations Subcommittee in the FY12 budget proposal was an empty threat and that the higher-ups in the US Astronomical community would take care of it. However, based on conversations with […]


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