Location: Fort Davis, TX

Mountain: Mt. Locke and Mr. Fowlkes (HET)

Useful Links: Main observatory page: http://mcdonaldobservatory.org/ 

Closest Major Airport: Midland-Odessa (MAF) or El Paso (ELP)

Time from Closest Airport to Observatory: 2.5 - 3 hours (plus a one-hour time zone change if coming from ELP)

Time Zone: Central Time Zone

Accommodations: Onsite astronomer dorms, 2 single beds per room, personal bathroom facilities, desk, communal rec room, cafeteria in same building as dorms

Food: Served 3 times a day when you stay at the dorms, need to sign up for meals each day. Can also order night lunch, and has snacks available all day.

Phone and Internet: WiFi and ethernet in dorms and domes, limited cell phone reception

Accessibility: Dining room in same building as dorms, dorm building has two levels with rooms, stairs but no elevator (?). 2.7m dome has elevator access to control room and ramp access to entrance. HET elevator access to control room, requires drive from dorms.

Specific Packing List:

Other Notes:

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