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Postdoc or term positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) Matches (in boldface if accepted)Describe
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute computational astrophysics http://coma.kasi.re.kr/TAG/job.html Due 14 December 2018 at 8 am GMT
UMass Lowell Assistant Teaching Professor in Physics http://explorejobs.uml.edu/lowell/en-us/listing/ Due 31 October 2018
JAXA International Top Young Fellowship (ITYF, see ad) Due November 20, 2018 at 8 AM GMT
AIP Schwarzschild Prize Fellowship (5yr), Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam, Germany, focus: exoplanets & stars, (ad) Due Dec. 31 2018.
AIP postdoc in exoplanet research (3yr position w/ Poppenhaeger), Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam, Germany (ad) Due Dec. 31 2018.
American Museum of Natural History postdoctoral fellowship (https://jobregister.aas.org/ad/8c3103d2) Due October 15, 2018. Shortlisted candidates were notified.
Argonne National Laboratory, Cosmology and Advanced Computing Postdocs, multiple positions (https://jobregister.aas.org/ad/292f73bf) Due December 15; applications will be considered on a rolling basis
Ariel University, Massive Stars and Binaries (w/ Kashi, See ad) Open until filled.
Arizona State University, Exploration Fellowship (see ad) Due December 1, 2018
Australian National University (w/Krumholz, see ad) Due December 15, 2018.
Australian National University (w/ Asplund, see ad) Due December 6, 2018
Ben-Gurion University, two postdoctoral positions (ad) Open until filled
Caltech, Burke Fellowship Due November 15, 2018

Carnegie-Caltech Theoretical Astrophysics

Due November 15, 2018
Chamberlain Fellowship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Due October 15, 2018. Shortlisted candidates, including José Luis Bernal, Johannes Lange and Sunny Vagnozzi, were notified.
CITA Fellowship and CITA Canada Fellowship Due November 10, 2018. Some offers made, including Jose Luis Bernal
Clemson University (high energy w/ Ajello, ad) Due Jan. 1st 2019

Columbia University Theoretical Astrophysics

(w/ Beloborodov, Levin, Metzger, Sironi; ad)

Due November 30, 2018
CU Boulder (JILA) Postdoctoral Positions in Theoretical Astrophysics 
(w/ Begelman, Dexter and Madigan; ad)
Due December 15, 2018
Duke University Cosmology Fellowships with Scolnic/Troxel (ad) Due December 15, 2018
Dunlap Fellowship - University of Toronto (ad) Due November 30, 2018. 115 applications received. Longlisting: Dec 20; shortlisting: Jan 15; first round of offers made and waitlist notified: Jan 18-22.
PDRA at Durham University Due December 16, 2018
ESO Fellowship Europe/Chile 2018/2019 (ad)

Due October 15, 2018. Shortlisted candidates notified on November 19, 2018 (Europe program) At least some rejections sent November

21, 2018 (Europe program)
Shortlisted candidates notified on November 22 2018 (Chile program). Rejections sent December 3, 2018 (Chile program) 

Fermilab Astrophysics (ad)

Due November 16, 2018. Shortlisted candidates notified.
GCCL Fellowship Programme (ad) Due November 30, 2018. Shortlisted candidates notified, including Mijin Yoon.
Gemini Science Fellow (N & S; ad) Due November 4, 2018. Shortlisted candidates notified November 20, 2018 (definitely for S, possibly for N).
Goettingen Astrophysics, Axion Cosmology (w/ David J. E. Marsh; ad) Due December 15, 2018
Harvard University, Theoretical/Numerical Cosmology (w/ Cora Dvorkin; ad)

Due December 1, 2018.

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, CfA Fellow, for recent PhDs (ad)

Due October 30, 2018 at 17:00 GMT.

Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris (large-scale structure higher-order statistics) Due December 1, 2018. Shortlisted candidates notified, including Mijin Yoon. 
ITC fellowship, CfA Harvard Rejections sent on December 11, 2018. Offers made to Carl Rodriguez, .
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - NASA Exoplanet Exploration Program (ad) Due December 14, 2018

Johns Hopkins, Davis fellowship


Due December 1, 2018

Johns Hopkins, Particle Theory/Cosmology (w/ Emanuele Berti & Marc Kamionkowski)


Due December 1, 2018
KIAA Postdoctoral Fellowships Due November 30, 2018
KIAA Postdoctoral Positions for the PKING Project Due December 15, 2018
Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), "Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity" division, Postdoctoral positions (ad) Due December 22, 2018
MPI for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), "Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity" and "Computational Relativistic Astrophysics" divisions, PhD positions (ad) Due January 14, 2019
McGill Astrophysics Fellowship (ad)

Due November 30, 2018. Also see CITA National Fellowships and Canada Fellowships, which can be held at McGill (ad; note earlier deadline).

126 applications received. Faculty feedback due to committee by Dec 15.

Committee meets Dec 19.

McGill Space Institute Fellowship (ad)

Due November 30, 2018. Also see CITA National Fellowships and Canada Fellowships, which can be held at McGill (ad; note earlier deadline)

113 applications received. Faculty feedback due to committee by Dec 15.

Committee meets Dec 19.

Missouri S&T, HETDEX (w/ Saito) (ad) Due January 15, 2019 
Miller Fellowship (UC Berkeley) rejection e-mails sent (Dec 7).
Montana State University (w/ Reines) (ad) Due December 15, 2018
NASA Hubble Fellowship Program (NHFP, see ad)   Due November 1, 2018 (7 PM EDT)
NASA NPP - July 1 2018 deadline

Any news from GSFC?

Any news from Ames? Anyone got the reviews posted?

Offer made from Ames 9/11/18: Debanjan Sengupta (accepted)

Rejection received from GSFC planetary science 9/24/18

At least two "pending" offer from GSFC 09/24/18

Anyone received a "yes" from GSFC? 9/25/18 13:15 ET and nothing either way.

Offer made from GSFC 9/27/18: John Ahlers (accepted)

Newton-Kavli Junior Fellowship at the Kavli Institute for Cosmology, University of Cambridge (ad)  

Due October 18, 2018. Shortlist made including Jose Luis Bernal and Sunny Vagnozzi.  Offer made to Jose Luis Bernal

Niels Bohr International Academy - Novo Nordisk Foundation Prize Postdoctoral Fellowships (ad) Due December 1, 2018
Niels Bohr International Academy - Louis-Hansen Foundation Assistant/Associate Professorships (ad) Due December 1, 2018. Shortlist includes Cristobal Petrovich
Northwestern University, CIERA Fellowship (ad) Due December 1, 2018
Northwestern University, Theoretical Astrophysics (w/ Faucher-Giguère, Kalogera, Rasio, or Tchekhovskoy; ad) Due December 1, 2018
Ohio State, CCAPP Fellowship (ad Best before November 16, 2018
Ohio University (cosmology & DESI survey with Seo, ad) Due December 23
Oslo, 1-2 cosmology postdoc fellowships (ad) Due January 1st, 2019

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (ad)

Due November 1, 2018.

Plaskett Postdoctoral Fellowship at NRC Herzberg, Canada (ad)

Due November 19, 2018
PSL post-doctoral fellowships in astrophysics at Paris Observatory Due November 18, 2018
Seoul National University, Computational Cosmology (w/ Ji-hoon Kim; ad) Due January 1, 2019.  Open until filled.
Postdoctoral Positions in Astrophysics at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Due November 30, 2018

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory: Clay Fellow (ad)

Due October 30, 2018 at 17:00 GMT.
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory: AGN Postdoc (w/Fabbiano, Elvis, Maksym; ad) Due December 16, 2018
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory: Extragalactic Fellow (w/Tremblay; ad) Due November 15, 2018. Applications under review. 

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Submillimeter Array Fellowships (ad)

Due Monday October 15, 2018. Number of applicants decently higher from previous years. Any Shortlist?
University of South Carolina (w/ S. Rodney;  ad; apply)  Due January 1, 2019
Southern Methodist University (ad) Due November 30, 2018.
Southern Methodist University Cosmology Experiment Postdoc (ad) Due December 15, 2018
Texas A&M University (ad) Due January 15, 2019
University of Arizona: Bok fellowship (ad) Due December 3, 2018
Univeristy of Arizona: KASI-Arizona Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship (ad) Due December 15, 2018
University of Arizona: Steward Observatory Prize Fellowship for the Development of Astronomical Instrumentation and Technology (ad) Due December 3, 2018
University of Arizona, Time Domain Astrophysics (w/ Sand) (ad) Due January 22, 2019
UChicago EFI (ad) Due November 9, 2018.
UChicago KICP (ad) At least some offers sent out including Katelin Schutz
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), astroparticle theory (ad) Due November 30, 2018
University of Cambridge, Kavli Institute Senior Fellowship in Gravitational Waves (ad) Due November 1, 2018. Some rejections sent December 12, 2018.

University of Cambridge, Kavli Institute Senior Fellowship (ad)

Due October 18, 2018. Some rejections sent December 7, 2018.
Univeristy of Cambridge, Research Assistant Due December 3, 2018
University of Delaware (ad): transient astronomy, large surveys (w/Bianco) Due January 5th 2019
University of Geneva (ad) Open until filled.
University of Hawaii: Adaptive Optics Science (w/Baranec; ad) Position as project scientist for Robo-AO-2. Due December 12, 2018.
University of Hong Kong (ad) Offer made to Yvette Cendes
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Cosmology (ad) Due Dec 21
Université de Montréal, Trottier Postdoctoral Fellowship (exoplanets, ad) Due November 30, 2018. Open until filled.
Université de Montréal, JWST Postdoctoral Instrument Scientist (ad) Due January 15, 2019. Open until filled.

University of Sydney/ASTRO 3D, HI Absorption Surveys (https://jobregister.aas.org/ad/edc3a732)

Due November 8, 2018. Shortlisted candidates are being interviewed.

University of the Virgin Islands (ad)  Due January 31st, 2019 (Time-Domain/Multi Messanger /w Cucchiara)
University of Washington, Werk (ad) Due Jan. 15, 2019
University of Washington, ZTF Alert Stream (ad) Due Jan. 15, 2019
University of Western Ontario, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (ad) Due February 7, 2019.
VEDA Labs Fellowship (ad) Due November 15, 2018. Observational, theoretical & numerical techniques. No optical.
Villanova University, Black Hole Astrophysics (w/Neilsen; ad) Due October 15, 2018. Applications under review.
Center for Particle Cosmology, the University of Pennsylvania (ad) Offers made including to Tanvi Karwal
Theoretical Physics Center, Brown University (ad) Shortlist notified including Tanvi Karwal


Faculty & Staff Page - Previous Years

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