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Tenure Track Faculty Positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
Institution (ad link)



Harvard University (https://academicpositions.harvard.edu/postings/5780) Applications will be considered starting Dec 1 2014. Areas of interest include dark energy, dark matter, cosmology. 
UNC Asheville (ad) Close Date: November 18, 2014

UC Berkeley (ad)

Close Date: October 31, 2014

Brigham Young (ad)
Due October 1, 2014; letters of recommendation being requested; some rejection letters sent (11/14)
Brown University (ad)
Due December 5, 2014

U. of Cambridge, DAMTP (ad)

Due January 5, 2014

Cardiff University (ad) Due November 17, 2014
Universidad de Chile
Offers made to Valentino Gonzalez and Cesar Fuentes
U. of Chicago (ad)
Due October 16, 2014. Any news?
Cal State Fullerton (Physics and/or Astronomy Education Research, ad)  
Due October 1, 2014

Carnegie Observatories (ad)

Due December 19, 2014

Columbia University (ad)

Due December 15, 2014

Florida Institute of Technology (Planetary Science, ad
Due January 5, 2015
University of Hull Shortlist made.
Humboldt State (ad)

10/21 - Phone Interviews starting. 11/13 - "We regret to inform you" emails sent.

International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) node at The Univeristy of Western Australia; 2 positions (ad) Due November 30, 2014
Kavli Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University (ad) Due Nov 30, 2014
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (ad) Shortlist made (Oct 30), including: Arman Shafieloo, Kimitake Hayasaki, ... 
University of Leeds University Academic Fellow  (ad) Due November 16, 2014
Leuven University (ad) Due September 30, 2014
IA-UNAM Mexico City (ad)
Due October 7, 2014;
Short list made (7 people)
IA-UNAM Ensenada (ad)
Due October 7, 2014; Shortlist made (7 people), rejections letters sent out on 11/13.

McGill University, two jobs (http://www.physics.mcgill.ca/pos/astro-05-en.pdf and http://www.physics.mcgill.ca/pos/TRIUMF-0-en.pdf)


Due January 15, 2015
Michigan State University (ad) Due December 1, 2014
MIT (Astrophysics, ad)
Due November 21, 2014
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan/Subaru Telescope, tenure-track professor position (ad) Shortlist made.
NC State University (Astrophysics, ad)
Due November 1, 2014
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1-2 positions available; ad) Due Novermber 15, 2014. Shotlist will be made first week of Dec.
Princeton (ad)
Due Nov. 15, 2014
Perimeter Institute/Univ of Guelph (ad) Due Jan. 16, 2015

Queen's University Belfast, tenure-track fellowships (ad)

Announced areas of interest include Astrophysics. Due Oct 17, 2014. Shortlist made. Shortlist includes Katja Poppenhaeger, Richard Parker.

Queen's University Belfast (2 lectureships) 

Closing date : October 31 2014

Rochester Institute of Technology (ad)

Due January 1, 2015

San Francisco State University (ad) Due December 1, 2014

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (at least 2 positions; ad)

Due December 31, 2014

Sonoma State University Due October 7, 2014
UC Santa Barbara (ad) Due November 14, 2014
UC Santa Cruz (2 positions: first ad, second ad)
Due December 1, 2014 (Theory), December 18, 2014 (Observation)
University of Texas at Austin (ad) Due December 3, 2014
University of Washington (physics, ad)
Review of applications will begin on October 20, 2014
University of Washington (astronomy, 2 positions, ad) Due November 30, 2014
University of Zurich (ad) Some rejection letters sent (10/17). Interviews of 8 candidates Feb3/4. 
Uppsala University (lectureship in astronomy, planetary systems; ad) Due December 1, 2014

Washington University, St Louis; space sciences or exptl astrophysics.  http://www.physics.wustl.edu/node/621

Review of applications begins Nov 15, 2014


Science Staff and Management Positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
Scientist NRAO Greenbank (ad)
Due October 1st. Shortlist made and initial interviews conducted.
JPL weak lensing (ad)
short list made. Offer made to Alina Kiessling.
Arecibo Director of Operations (ad)
Due Sep 30th
Director, High Altitude Observatory
Offer made to Scott McIntosh.
Director, W. M. Keck Observatory
Hilton Lewis
Department Head (Physics and Space Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology, ad)
Due January 5, 2015
SKA Project Scientist (ad)
Due Oct. 15.  Shortlist made and some interviews conducted, including Robert Ferdman, Anthony Rushton.
SKA Head of Operations Planning (ad) Due Sep 29,
Townes Fellowship (Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley, ad) Due Dec 8

Faculty Shuffle

Person (alphabetical) Old Institution New Institution
Wendy Freedman Carnegie Observatories University of Chicago
Anna Scaife University of Southampton University of Manchester
Rene Breton University of Southampton University of Manchester
Naomi McClure-Griffiths CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science RSAA, Australian National University

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