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Tenure Track Faculty Positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
Academia Sinica, Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ad) Deadline Jan 15, 2018.  Shortlisted candidates invited for interviews, including Hsi-Wei Yen, Ya-Wen Tang, Takashi Okamoto, Kenneth Wong, Andrew Cooper, Hsi-Yu Schive (rumor based on the colloquium schedule).
American Museum of Natural History (ad) Deadline Dec 15.  Some rejections sent.  Shortlist includes Jake Simon, Blakesley Burkhart, Camille Avestruz, Ruth Angus.
University of Bath (Lecturer in Observational Astrophysics) (ad) Deadline 31 October 2017. Rejections sent. Interviews scheduled. Position filled. 
University of Bath (Lecturer in Theoretical Astrophysics) (ad) Deadline 31 October 2017. Rejections sent.  Short list includes Nicholas Stone, Federico Marinacci, Dave Tsang.
Bates College (ad) Deadline Jan 10, 2018. Some long list notifications made.
Boston University (astronomy; ad)

Deadline Dec 15, 2017. All shortlist notifications made. Declinations being communicated.

Bowdoin (astronomy; ad) Deadline Oct 15, 2017. Ad says phone interviews in October. Candidates have been contacted, some rejection sent.
Brigham Young University (physics, astronomy, education; ad) Deadline Nov 15, 2017, but late applications may be considered. References requested.  Skype interviews conducted.  Campus interviews being conducted, including Peter Brown
Brown (planetary science; ad) Deadline Sep 1, 2017. Alexander Evans
Cal Poly Pomona (phys & astro; ad) Deadline Nov 20, 2017. Skype interviews. Some rejections sent. Shortlist notified; campus interviews scheduled. 
California State University, Northridge (ad) Deadline Dec 11, 2017. 50 applicants. Shortlist made and candidates notified. Includes Diana Dragomir, Luca Ricci, Tim Morton, Andrea Banzatti.
Caltech (astronomy & astrophysics; ad) Review begins Nov 1, 2017; aps accepted until filled, Any news?
Caltech (planetary science; https://applications.caltech.edu/job/ps) Review begins Mar 16, 2018.
Caltech (physics; ad) Review begins Dec 1, 2017; aps accepted until filled
Cardiff University (transient astronomy; ad) Deadline Mar 22, 2018.
CASSACA Assistant Professorship/Staff Scientist Deadline Sep 30, 2017. Offer made to Claudio Ricci
Cornell (planetary/exoplanetary; ad) Deadline Nov 1, 2017. Shortlist made, including Radwan Tajeddine, Diana Dragomir, Erik Petigura, Eve Lee, Laura Schaefer, and 5 others.  Some rejections sent.
Dartmouth College (ad) Deadline 26 November 2017. New applications may be considered until filled. Candidates contacted for longlist/AAS interviews. Some rejections sent. Some shortlist visits scheduled (see colloquium schedule)
Duke University (ad) Deadline Dec 1, 2017. Rejections sent.
Fermilab Wilson Fellowship (ad) Deadline Oct 27, 2017. Shortlist includes (rumor source): Joseph Zennamo, David Martinez Caicedo, Haichen Wang
Hampshire College (ad) Deadline Sep 15. Skype interviews set, including Jonathan Cornell. Search cancelled.
Harvey Mudd College (ad) Deadline Nov 3. Skype interviews set, including Camille Avestruz. Any rejections sent? Unless they've interviewed you, I have not seen HMC send rejections to applicants in previous cycles (but ymmv).
High Point University Any news?
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (ad) Tenured/Tenure-track faculty - observartional/experimental
Howard University (ad) Review of applications starts Jan 24, 2018.
Ghent University (ad) Offered to Arjen van der Wel.
Gonzaga University Deadline Dec. 8. On campus interviews being conducted
Instito de Astronomia UNAM (ad) Deadline January 31, 2018
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Dark Energy and Dark Matter Scientist (ad) Any news?  At least some rejections sent.
KIAA / Peking University (ad) Deadline Nov 30, 2017.  Rejections sent.
Lancaster University (ad) Deadline Nov 15, 2017. Offer made.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Physics (ad)

Deadline Jan 15, 2018. Some shortlisted candidates contacted

Liège University (ad)

Deadline Sep 15, 2017. Some candidates invited for interviews.
Lowell Observatory (ad) Deadline Aug 31, 2017. Offers made.
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA), Heidelberg Deadline Jan 15, 2018
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), Potsdam (ad) Deadline Dec 15, 2017
McGill (exoplanets, ad)

Deadline Nov 29, 2017. Shortlist made. Offer made to Eve Lee.

Michigan State University (Data Science, ad) Deadline Dec 1, 2017. Shortlisted candidates invited for interviews.
Missouri S&T (ad) Deadline Jan 1, 2018. Shortlist made, including Jake Simon
Missouri State University (ad) Deadline Dec 1, 2017.
MIT (astrophysics, ad) Deadline Nov 1, 2017. Candidates contacted for on-site interviews. Shortlist includes Kiyoshi Masui.
Monash University (gravitational wave astrophysics, ad) Deadline Nov 12, 2017. Rejections sent.
Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Assistant Professor with Tenure Track (ad)

Deadline Dec 30, 2017.

Has anyone heard back from this? (Ad said interviews would be held March 7, which is coming up.) 

NC State University (astrophysics theory and observation, ad) Deadline Dec 1st, 2017. Shortlist made, including Massimo Gaspari.
Northwestern University, Professor of Instruction (ad) Deadline Jan 2, 2018. Any news? 
Occidental College (ad) Deadline Nov. 1, 2017.  Phone interviews conducted, invitations for on campus interviews sent out.
Ohio State University (exoplanets or planetary science, ad) Deadline Dec. 1, 2017. Shortlist made, including Diana Dragomir. (see colloquium schedule)
Oxford (cosmology) Deadline 30 Aug 2017.  Shortlist made: Alonso, Bucher, Chisari, Hildebrandt, Hill. Offered to Alonso.
University of Pennsylvania (ad) Deadline 1 December 2017. Shortlist contacted, including Daniel Tamayo, Blakesley Burkhart, Colin Hill.  All shortlist members have been contacted.
Purple Mountain Observatory (ad)
3-4 positions available in new cosmology group.
Deadline Jan 5th, 2018. Candidates contacted for on-site interviews, including Cristiano Sabiu.

Rice University  (ad)

Deadline Dec. 15, 2017
Rice (Data Science) (ad) Deadline Sep. 15, 2017. Shortlist includes: Christopher Tunnell
Rockhurst University (ad) Review begins Nov 15, 2017, aps accepted until filled. Phone interviews conducted. On-site interviews conducted.
Rutgers University (ad)

Deadline Nov 15, 2017.  Short list includes
Kristen McQuinn, Colin Hill, Dan Scolnic, Jake Simon, Eli Visbal, and Blakesley Burkhart. 

Saint Mary's University, tenure-track assistant professor (ad)

Deadline Dec 31, 2017.  At least some shortlisted candidates have been contacted.
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (ad) Deadline Nov 30, 2017.  Candidates contacted for interviews
Southern Methodist University (ad) Deadline Oct 31, 2017. Shortlist includes Joel Meyers, Aaron Zimmerman, Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine, Nicholas Stone.
Stockholm University (ad) Deadline January 31, 2018.
Texas Christian University (ad) Deadline January 19, 2018
Texas Tech University, two postions, one for observational astronomy, one for gravitational wave astronomy Deadline December 1, 2017.  Observational shortlist made, candidates contacted.  Four observational candidates visiting.
Tsinghua University (ad) Deadline Nov 30, 2017.  Candidates invited for interviews
United States Naval Academy (ad1) (ad2) Job register says deadline late Jan, but USNA job page says application review began November 15. Explanation: USNA is conducting a rolling search - applications still being accepted. Some candidates contacted for on campus interviews. Jamie Lomax
University of California, Berkeley (ad) Deadline Nov 15, 2017.Shortlist includes (rumor source):  John Alison, Chihway Chang, Alex Drlica-Wagner, Heather Gray, Haichen Wang
University of California, Los Angeles (ad) Due Jan 16, 2018.  Some rec letters requested. Any news?
University of California, Santa Cruz (extragalactic, ad) Due Dec 01, 2017. Short list made, candidates invited for interviews. Some rejections sent
University of Central Florida (Orlando) Planetary Science - Exoplanet Atmospheric Theorist (Assistant, ad) Review begins Nov 15, 2017, aps accepted until filled.

University of Central Florida (Orlando) Planetary Science - Space Instrumentation (Assist/Assoc, ad)

Review begins Nov 15, 2017, aps accepted until filled.
University of Chicago (ad) Review begins Jan 15, 2018, apps fully considered before Feb 15, 2018
University of Chicago - Provost's Fellowship (tenure-track Instructor w/ promotion to Assist, ad) Applications due Dec 15. Some short list notifications made, candidates invited for interviews.
U. of Colorado, Boulder (transients, ad)

Deadline Nov 17, 2017. Shortlist made. Some rejections sent.  135 applications received (see colloquium schedule).

U. of Concepción (ad) Faculty Positions, due November 1st, 2017. Some rejections sent.

University of Delaware

Faculty position in Astroparticle Physics (ad & apply)

Deadline Dec 31st, 2017. Shortlist includes: Elena Orlando

U. Diego Portales Deadline Sept. 18, 2017. Claudio Ricci, Alice Zurlo
University of Florida (Gainesville) Astronomy (data/computationally intensive) (ad) Deadline Dec 1st, 2017. Shortlist contacted, including Massimo Gaspari.
University of Florida (Gainesville) Astronomy (planetary sciences)  (ad) Deadline Dec 1st 2017. Shortlist includes Diana Dragomir, Jake Simon.
University of Florida (Gainesville) Physics (theoretical astrophysics)  (ad) Deadline Nov 15th 2017. Shortlist includes Vera Gluscevic, Nicholas Stone.
University of Hawaii / Dept. of Physics and Astronomy (Junior Faculty) (physics education, ad) Deadline: Dec 15, 2017. Candidates contacted for phone interviews, including Cristiano Sabiu.
University of Hawaii / Institute for Astronomy (cosmology, http://inspirehep.net/record/1628768 ) Deadline: Dec. 11, 2017. Candidates contacted for phone interviews, including Vera Gluscevic, Colin Hill. Short list made, candidates invited for interviews.
University of Hawaii / Institute for Astronomy (Hilo) (ad) Deadline: Jan. 12, 2018. Both instrumentalists and/or those who will work synergistically with the instrument development teams in Hilo are strongly encouraged to apply.   
University of Hong Kong (ad) Deadline Dec 31, 2017. Longlist for references.

University of Kansas (Assistant Professor in Astronomy and Astrophysics) (ad)

Shortlist made.

University of Kentucky (Assistant or Associate Professor in Observational Astronomy) (ad) Review begins Dec 1, 2017 (open until filled). Shortlist made, candidates contacted.
University of Melbourne, ASTRO-3D Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (astrophysics ; ad) Deadline Oct 15, 2017. Shortlist made.
University of Memphis (ad) Deadline Dec 15, 2017. Shortlist made, includes Jake Simon
University of Montreal (ad) Deadline Dec 5, 2017. Shortlist made, some rejections sent,
University of Nevada, Reno (Assistant Professor) (ad)

Deadline: Oct 31, 2017.  Some phone interviews conducted (including Peter Brown, Francisco Muller-Sanchez).  Shortlist contacted for in-person interviews, including Nicholas Stone, Peter Brown, Andrea Banzatti, Peter Maksym.

University of New Hampshire (Associate or assistant professor in solar, space, or planetary science) (ad) Deadline: Oct. 16, 2017. Two offers made.
University of New Mexico (astroparticle physics/observational astronomy) (ad) Deadline: Nov 15, 2017. Shortlist made, including Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine.
University of New South Wales (http://inspirehep.net/record/1624583 ) Deadline: Oct 17, 2017
Shortlist includes: Ema Dimastrogiovanni, Matteo Fasiello
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (observational/experimental, ad) Deadline Nov 30, 2017. Shortlist made, candidates contacted (see colloquium schedule)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (ad) Deadline Jan 10, 2018. Any news? Some longlist interviews conducted. Short list candidates contacted for phone interviews
University of Northern Colorado (ad) Deadline Dec 4, 2017. Pinged for update, was sent rejection as response. So some kind of lists exist.
University of Oslo (cosmology, ad) Deadline Jan 1, 2018
University of Oslo (extragalactic astrophysics, ad) Deadline Jan 1, 2018. Candidates notified that external selection board formed Feb 14, 2018. "The selection board's report shall normally be submitted within three (3) months after nomination of the board."
University of Oslo (solar physics, ad) Deadline Jan 1, 2018
University of Pittsburgh (Assistant Professor, Surveys/Extragalactic/Cosmology) (ad) Deadline: Nov 1st, 2017.  Shortlist includes: Chihway Chang, Alex Drlica-Wagner, Yashar Hezaveh, Sean Johnson, Robyn Sanderson, and Dan Scolnic.
University of Sao Paulo (Cosmology, tenure-track) (ad) Applications start Nov. 24th; deadline mid-February. Preference for observational cosmology.

University of Southern California (Gravitational Waves/Cosmology, ad)

Deadline Nov 15, 2017. Shortlist includes Ely Kovetz, Dan Scolnic, Nicholas Stone, Aaron Zimmerman.

University of Tampa (ad) Any news? Some longlist interviews conducted.
University of Texas at Austin (ad)

Deadline Dec 1st 2017. Longlist interviews conducted. Shortlist scheduled. Shortlist includes Erik Petigura. Some rejections sent.

University of Toledo (ad) Deadline 20 November 2017. Candidates invited to phone interviews (including Francisco Muller-Sanchez). Shortlist made and includes Kristen McQuinn, Diana Dragomir (see colloquium scedule)
University of Toronto (ad) Deadline Jul 15, 2017. Observer wanted. Rejections sent. Maria Drout
Universtiy of Washington Bothell (ad) Review begins Dec 4, 2017; On-campus interviews scheduled. Shortlist includes Kiyoshi Masui.
Ursinus College (ad) Some rejections sent; on-campus interviews are underway. Position filled. At least some rejections sent.
Villanova (ad) Deadline Nov 30. Any news? Pinged for update, expect shortlist in ~a week (late Feb.)   
Virginia Tech (particle physics phenomenology, including astro-ph, ad) Deadline Dec 1, 2017.  Shortlisted candidates: Ninetta Saviano, Mauricio Bustamante, Ilias Cholis, Yonatan Kahn
Washburn University (ad) Review begins Dec. 1, 2017 Some Skype interviews conducted. Some candidates invited to campus.

Williams College (Assistant Professor of Astronomy)https://apply.interfolio.com/42942

Deadline Oct. 30, 2017 (Observational Astronomy). Anne Jaskot
Yale University (Assistant Professor, Geology & Geophysics) (ad)

Review begins Nov. 1.  Shortlist includes: Christopher Spalding

University of Geneva (Associate or Assitant Professor in Exoplanets) (Ad) Deadline Oct 5th 2017. Rejections sent. Interviews set for end of April. Shortlist includes: Sarah Rugheimer, Laura Schaefer. 








Science Staff and Management Positions

Place/Institution (alphabetical) People (in boldface if accepted)
AURA/LSST Outreach Specialist Position (ad)

Deadline Dec 1, 2017;  First round interviews underway 

Breakthrough Listen (UC Berkeley Astronomy, Project Scientist, ad) Open until filled.

Flatiron Institute (Associate Researcher, ad)

Deadline Nov 1, 2018; any news?
Gemini Observatory (Assistant Scientist, ad) Shortlist made. Interviews completed. Position filled.
Hobby-Eberly Telescope (Resident Astronomer) Deadline Dec 17, 2017; any news?
Las Cumbres Observatory (Staff Scientist / Senior Staff Scientist, ad) Deadline Nov 1, 2017. Some rejections sent.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Civil Servant positions in Solar System Exploration Erin Ryan
NRAO NAASC staff scientist positions (2) Deadline Dec 29, 2017. At least some candidates contacted.
Research Scientist for SPECULOOS/TRAPPIST Observatory at MIT (ad) Deadline, Jan 15, 2018. Some rejections sent.
STScI Education and Outreach Scientist

Deadline, Jan 19 2018

STScI Archive Scientists (3) Phone interviews done. Scheduling in-person interviews.
University of Washington (LSST Research Scientist, ad) Offer made.
Lawrence Livermore (Research Scientist, ad) Deadline Aug 30, 2017. Shortlist includes: Alex Drlica-Wagner
Wellesley College (Astronomy Laboratory Instructor and Observatory Manager, ad) Deadline Dec 15, 2017. Some candidates invited for skype interviews. 
Williams College (Lecturer and Observatory Supervisor) https://apply.interfolio.com/42943

Deadline Oct. 30, 2017

NASA GSFC (Deputy Observatory Project Scientist for JWST) Some interviews completed. News?

Faculty Shuffle

Person (alphabetical) Old Institution New Institution
Richard de Grijs KIAA, Peking University Macquarie University (Associate Dean)
Will Percival ICG, Portsmouth University of Waterloo

Volker Springel

HITS, Heidelberg University Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics
Karen Masters ICG, Portsmouth Haverford College
Peter Coles Cardiff Maynooth University
Will Farr Birmingham

Stony Brook/CCA

Phil Armitage Colorado, Boulder Stony Brook/CCA


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