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Mac Setup

Tips and Tricks (by application)

Astronomical Methods





  • Getting Started Guide - Guide for those just getting started in Astronomy.
  • A Guide to the Space Life - A guide for people interested in the space industry (space, policy, conferences, societies), compiled by Therese Jones
  • Mentee Advice - How to make the most of mentoring relationships (e.g., with research advisors, professors, peers, and colleagues).
  • Astropolitics and Your Career - A slideshow from Jay Strader detailing how politics plays a role in an astronomical career

Job Search


Graduate School


      High School


Professional Development

Tricks of the Trade


Institutional Information

Technical Communication

Reading, Writing, Reviewing

Telescope and Grant Proposals

Talks and Posters

Project and Team Management



AAS Meetings

Social Media Resources

Conference Hosting

Equity & Inclusion

  • Diversity - Links to articles relevant to fostering diversity in physics and astronomy.
  • Mental Health - Links to articles about academia and mental health
  • Accessibility - Links to articles about improving disability access in physics and astronomy

Miscellany & Fun


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