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  • Ian J. Crossfield Feb 12, 2010 @ 16:55

    I stick the following lines at the end of my IDL_START file to keep a timestamped journal file of every IDL session. The files are saved in the current working directory, but you could prepend a path to save them all to a ‘logs’ folder somewhere.

    ; Always create a journal file with today's date/time
    fs = '(I2.2)'
    caldat, julday(), mon, d, y, h, min
    datstr = string(y, format='(I4.2)') + $
    string(mon, format=fs) + $
    string(d, format=fs) + '_' + $
    string(h, format=fs) + $
    string(min, format=fs) + '.jrn'

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