Links: PR for MIRI, Gemini Data Workshop, and Department Culture Impacts Women in Science.

  • MIRI crosses the pond (Thoughts on PR) | SarahAskew
    On the occasion of the engineering test model of the mid-infrared instrument (MIRI) for James Webb Space Telescope arriving at Goddard, a member of the MIRI team discusses the test instrument and its press attention in the US and the lack of it in Europe.
  • Gemini Data Workshop | NOAO
    Seems like a good opportunity if you have some Gemini data languishing unreduced on your hard drive. I wish they had one of these when I was struggling with my GMOS Nod and Shuffle data!
  • Lounging Students | FemaleScienceProfessor
    Never thought about this way: Student lounges in science departments play an important role in creating a sense of community and fostering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  • New Report Explains 'Why So Few' Women in Science | Science Insider
    “The new report analyzes several factors that can influence whether girls decide to study science and pursue it as a career. It summarizes recent studies on topics ranging from gender stereotypes and self-assessment of talent to how spatial visualization, an important skill for a budding scientist, can be improved with practice. It cites how small changes in the culture of some academic departments have been found to have a big impact on attracting and retaining women. And it notes an unconscious societal bias against women entering so-called “masculine” professions.”
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