Introducing Astrobites

I’ve linked to a couple things from astrobites recently and added them to our blogroll a couple days ago. It’s a blog run by astro grad students intended for astro-curious undergrads. (But I enjoy reading it as well!) Here’s their announcement from the AAS Newsletter.


Do you know undergraduate students beginning research in astronomy? Point them to Astrobites, a new daily astrophysical literature journal and weblog.

Each day, Astrobites, written by graduate students at Harvard University and the University of Michigan, distills one interesting astro-ph paper into a brief format at a level accessible to undergraduate students in the physical sciences. Our goal is to develop a gateway to the astrophysical research community suitable for an undergraduate starting in research, complete with simple explanations and links to introductory level resources designed to familiarize students with the field of astrophysics. Readers will learn about the latest research, major questions motivating the field, observational and theoretical techniques, and what it’s like to observe at a large telescope or attend an AAS meeting.

Recent posts that caught my eye

Check them out at and spread the word!

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