Fostering a Deeply Fulfilling Professional and Personal Life for Yourself and Those You Lead

Lots of nuggets of wisdom in this article about leadership, productivity, and striving for a deeply fulfilling professional and personal life. Here’s just a few:

Value and acknowledge our lives outside of work:

We have to encourage people to set boundaries around their work and respect them when they hold them. And I think as leaders we have to model that.

Perfectionism is evil:

When I interviewed really successful leaders, what I expected to hear was a lot of perfectionism. But what I heard consistently was, “I do not attribute my success to perfectionism. In fact, it’s the thing that I have to watch the most, because it will stop me from getting work done.

Feedback is crucial:

I think to create a feedback culture where discomfort is normalized — where there are going to be some uncomfortable conversations but they’re going to be done respectfully and wholeheartedly, with the aim to move the mission of our work forward and to move your personal goals forward — that is the heart of engagement. People felt fundamentally ignored because they weren’t receiving feedback. And when they did, it was corrective. It was fast and not meaningful, and it was blaming.

Exhaustion is not a status symbol – The Washington Post.

H/T to Kasper via FB.

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