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With funding from the Sloan Foundation, AstroBetter is hiring for three part-time consulting positions! No Astro experience is technically necessary for these positions, but I’m hoping to find folks with some familiarity with science research and I’m thinking one of you might know somebody who is just right! (And if anyone knows where else I should post these ads to find the most well qualified applicants, I’m all ears.) While I would prefer to find folks in the NYC area, location is not crucial. Pay will be commensurate with experience. Brief job descriptions are below. While there are three descriptions, applications are welcome from people that can perform more than one of these roles.

Web Publishing Intern:

  • Transform content outlined by contributors into polished blog posts.
  • Harvest content from other sources into new or pre-existing wiki pages or blog posts.
  • Manage the site’s organization and links across posts, including tags and wiki entries.
  • Manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Document workflow and help develop the “AstroBetter Model.”
  • Perform Analysis of Readership and Content to determine significance of content
  • Research and monitor related online communities
  • Aid in implementing technological switches recommended by other consultants

Website Management Consultant

  • Work on all aspects of the website’s infrastructure and long term growth and stability.
  • Perform a cost-benefit analysis of site performance vs. cost. Including a detailed analysis of our CPU and storage needs and research into the various hosting options. The consultant will consider migrating the site to a dedicated server.
  • Examine the performance, stability, and usability of our Wiki versus other wiki hosting options
  • Identify and create a plan to mitigate any current or potential sources of performance issues.
  • Create a backup and archival plan for all blog and wiki content.
  • Identify any other technical issues that should be addressed to make the site run as smoothly and reliably as possible.
  • Implement and document best methods for reducing the amount of web infrastructure work needing attention by the participating scientists.

Web Product Consultant:

  • Develop a business model for the long term sustainability of AstroBetter and possible ScienceBetter franchise.
  • Identify, contact, and network with science publishers and private companies about the possibility of sponsoring the ScienceBetter sites.

To Apply

To apply or find out more about these positions, please send an email to with the following info:

  • which job(s) you are applying for,
  • your relevant experience and qualifications,
  • when you can start and how many hours can you work, and
  • a few sentences about yourself and why your interests and experience make you a good fit with AstroBetter.

I’ll also be at the Long Beach AAS Meeting and would love to discuss these positions with anyone interested in them or anyone with ideas on how to find the best applicants.

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