Sprint to #AAS223 and into 2014

by Kelle on December 31, 2013

Due to the big annual winter meeting of the American Astronomical Society coming up next week in DC (<cough>not DC), we’ll be tossing out our normal posting schedule and playing it fast and loose for the next couple weeks. So, dust off your RSS readers, tune your twitter feed, or just come check back often. I think we’ll have a new post at least once a day until Friday. After that, I’ll be active on Twitter: @kellecruz and @astrobetter and I’m also gonna give Instagram a whirl: kellec42.

While I’m here making announcements, I also want to say how much I miss y’all! Chris has been doing an amazing job this past year getting up the guest posts and doing summary posts but I have been a bit neglectful of fostering our lovely community and getting y’all talking and thinking in the way that I do. So, I’m gonna make a New Year’s Resolution: I resolve to publish one post per month, in my voice, for all of 2014.

Last but not least, thank you dear readers and colleagues for reading, commenting, sharing, and learning. You are the ones that make AstroBetter awesome…it’s not a blog, it’s a community. It gives me great joy to say that we have unequivocally demonstrated that together, we truly can AstroBetter. <3

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