Students: Apply to work on Astropy as part of the Google Summer of Code!

As one of the co-ordinators of the Astropy project, I am very happy to announce that Astropy will be participating in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2014 edition! For anyone not familiar with GSoC, it is a program that allows students around the world to spend three months during the summer contributing to an open source project on a full-time basis (the students receive a generous $5,500 stipend from Google for their work). As last year, Astropy is participating in GSoC as a sub-organization in the Python Software Foundation organization. Last year we were able to accept two students to work on Astropy and we will hopefully be able to also take on at least two students this year!

For more information about GSoC (including eligibility and application requirements) you can head over to the Frequently Asked Questions on the GSoC website, and for information about applying to participate with Astropy, see this page. Note that the deadline is on March 21st, and you should get in touch with the Astropy developers (via the astropy-dev mailing list) well in advance, to prepare your application, and to have time prepare a patch to fix an Astropy issue (a requirement of the application).

Note that if you are interested in Solar Physics, you should also check out the SunPy project which is also participating in GSoC 2014!

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