Find-a-team, find-an-expert networking for WFIRST

As a community service, we here at AstroBetter would like to help you form teams that will compete for slots on the WFIRST Formulation Science Working Group.   The solicitation focuses on teams rather than individuals.  It’s not clear to us how experts in certain specialties are supposed to learn what teams are forming, or how teams are supposed to find certain experts they’re lacking.   Therefore, we’re hosting a “WIRST Find-a-team, find-an-expert” wiki page.  Astronomers who are interested in the WFIRST call are welcome to edit this wiki to add their name, contact info, whether they’re looking to join a team or looking for an expert, and the expertise sought or offered.  (Do not delete anyone’s posting or otherwise act unprofessionally on our wiki.)

Should we back up and give a 411?  OK, here goes.  NASA is soliciting proposals for Science Investigation Teams and Adjutant Scientists for the Wide-Field InfraRed Survey Telescope (WFIRST), which will result in the formation of a Formulation Science Working Group (FSWG) for the mission. WFIRST is the top-ranked large space mission recommended by the National Research Council (NRC) decadal survey of astronomy and astrophysics for 2012-2021, New Worlds, New Horizons. While NASA is soliciting two individual “Adjutant Scientists”, most of the solicitation is seeking teams rather than individuals.  The teams are supposed to address a variety of science themes including dark energy, exoplanets, and general astrophysics.  (See the call — I’m summarizing here.)

Relevant links:  The main page for the solicitation.  Most of the meat is in Amendment D-11Also, there’s a FAQ.

Deadlines: Required Notices Of Intent (NOI) are due August 17, 2015, and the due date for submission of proposals is October 15, 2015.  (Note: the FAQ says that it’s OK to change some of the Co-Is after the NOI.)

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