Celebrating AstroBetter’s 10th Anniversary

by Joanna Bridge on April 11, 2019

Today, AstroBetter is celebrating its 10th anniversary! During the last ten years, we have had many important discussions on the blog, covering issues of policy, computing, productivity, career path, and more. We’ve had some difficult discussions about the work commitment required of astronomers, diversity, racism, and equity. The advent of the AstroBetter Wiki has provided a centralized location for useful topics to astronomers. The Rumor Mill, while controversial, continues to be an open source of information for job seekers. The Career Profiles series provided insight into how other astronomers have pursued the careers of their choice. AstroBetter has been honored to be a source of information and debate on these topics and more. In celebration of AstroBetter’s tenth anniversary, we wanted to revisit some of our most popular posts.

The post that generated the most discussion: Not What We Want

Computing: The Astropy Project, IDL vs. Python, iObserve

Conferences: Conference Organizing 101, Fabric Conference Posters FTW!, Twitter at Conferences Series

Career: Is an R1 for you?, Honing Your Hubble Application, Career Profiles Series

Policy: Let’s Discuss the NSF Portfolio Review,, A call for open access to all data used in AJ and ApJ articles, A Call to Action to Save JWST

Community: Nature on PhD Overproduction, Minimize Unconscious Bias in Recommendation Letters, 2010 Decadal Survey approach to minorities

We hope that the astronomy community will continue to contribute to both the blog and the wiki. The wiki is open source and editable by all, so if you come across information that you think would benefit the community, please add it! If you are an astronomer and interested in contributing a guest post to the blog, please email us at admin@astrobetter.com. We look forward to being a continuing resource for astronomers everywhere.

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