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How do you find out about new AstroBetter posts?

by Kelle March 23, 2012

I’d like to announce a new way to keep up with AstroBetter: email subscription. If you prefer to get an email straight to your inbox with the full content, there’s a Subscribe by Email link in the right sidebar. This feature has actually been live for quite awhile, but I never really told you about […]


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Links: Effective Video Conferences, Battling Perfectionism, and Much More!

by Kelle April 9, 2010

AAS Calendar | American Astronomical Society Now even the AAS has been won over by Google Calendar! It is my, rather strong, opinion that every seminar series should be using Google Calendar. A dedicated blog post on this topic should be coming soon… Battery Breakthrough Promises Lighter Weight, More Power | Wired Playing the Game […]


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myADS arXiv RSS Feeds: Now with Abstracts!

by Kelle August 26, 2009

A while back, I wrote a primer on RSS feeds for astronomers. In my opinion, RSS is ideal for browsing and managing the daily astro-ph listings and is far superior to the one big daily email most people get. In particular, I like the feed provided by myADS because it sorts the articles based on […]


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RSS feeds for Astronomers

by Kelle May 18, 2009

One of the major advances in web surfing during the last decade is RSS. Using RSS to consume the web is way more efficient than email subscriptions and traditional browsing since the content comes to you without cluttering up your email inbox. In this post, I point to a couple resources to help you get […]


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